Whenever I picture myself skiing, I always picture myself in pants. It is just a no-brainer. There’s pretty much nothing else that I can wear to keep my lower body safe and warm and protected from the freezing winter temperatures. And why would I wear anything else? Ski pants surround your legs and extend down around your ankles. Many ski pants can be fastened at the end of your pant leg and stuffed into your boot, so your skin never has to feel the cold. And let’s not forget about thermal pants. They are the perfect piece of clothing that you can wear for extra warmth and protection. And if you have any issues with your clothes rising or pulling down your body, you can always add ski suspenders to your outfit to make sure everything stays in place. So with pants being so versatile and useful, should you even try to use anything else? Actually, you definitely should. Let me tell you all about an insulated skirt for skiing.

Can You Ski In A Skirt?

Yes. I am as shocked as you are reading this right now. I would have never thought in a million years that skiing in a skirt is possible. And to be honest, I’ve never actually seen a person wear a skirt while skiing. I can’t even remember the last time I saw a person wearing a skirt in cold weather, let alone during sub-zero temperatures and surrounded by snow. But it is true. It is completely true. There are skirts made for skiing. Once I found out that there are skirts out there made specifically for skin, I did as much research as possible. Now I know that you won’t be surprised when I tell you that there is not much information about the skirts made for skiing as there are pants. But some people around the world enjoy skiing in a skirt. 

The very first skirt made specifically for skiing was created in Sweden. This makes a lot of sense because they get a lot of snow and are big on skiing and snowboarding. Skiing a skirt is nowhere near as popular skiing in a pair of pants, but I’m intrigued. I will definitely try skiing in a skirt one of these days. 

So if you are interested in being in a skirt, keep on reading. Let’s find out how some people can ski in a skirt and what kind of skirts they wear.

What Is An Insulated Skirt?

Before I teach you about skiing in a skirt, let’s learn about the different types of skirts you can ski in. The first type of skirt is a basic skirt called an insulated skirt. Keeping out the cold temperatures and the snow 4 hours and hours on end is the main reason why skiing and snowboarding clothing exist. So an insulated skirt is a skirt designed to do just that. Just like ski pants retain heat and prevent wind and snow from affecting the fabric, so does

When you are searching online for insulated skirts, you may find that many of these skirts are also called puffer skirts. This is just an alternative name for an insulated skirt. Many of these skirts are called puffer skirts because they are made with down feathers. Down feathers are a material that is used to create warm winter clothing.

How Do Down Feathers Retain Warmth?

As I stated above, down feathers are excellent insulating material, and they are often used in winter clothing. Down feathers come from geese, ducks, and other types of birds. Down feathers are special feathers. They are the under feathers that are closest to the bird’s body. They are not the large feathers that are exposed to the air. If you have ever pet a duck or another bird type, you did not touch their down feathers. The way down feathers work is actually quite remarkable. Within the feathers, there are thousands and thousands of small air pockets. These pockets are meant to trap the bird’s own body heat inside of them, which then creates a layer of insulation. This is how birds can survive in the winter climate and the environment without freezing to death. I have always wondered how birds were able to survive in the wintertime. I never realize how effective their own natural feathers were

However, I should tell you that if you are a vegan, you will not want to use down feathers in your winter clothes. I say this because down feathers are harvested while the goose, ducks, and other birds are still alive. The goose is held down and is plucked completely naked of all of their feathers, not only while they’re alive but also without any pain relief for anesthesia. Many animal rights groups have denounced the use of animal-derived down feathers In clothing and other items. Several major brands have sworn off using down feathers, but many other small companies still use them.

If you are someone who doesn’t want to use down for this because of this reason, It will be more difficult for you to find a winter-proof skirt that is not made with down feathers. So don’t throw out your ski pants just yet. A few down feather alternatives exist and are completely vegan and do not interfere with animal life whatsoever, but they will be more expensive. One popular alternative is 3M Thinsulate. It is designed after down feathers as it creates small pockets of air to catch and retain your body heat.

Types Of Ski Skirt

You may believe that there is only one type of skiing skirt, which would be a long skirt that reaches to the bottom of your feet. But there is a good variety of skiing skirts available for people to purchase. Each type of skirt has its advantages and disadvantages to wearing them. Although you may be tempted to purchase winter skirts online, It would be better to go to a physical store and try each type of skirt on yourself. You never know how a skirt will fit your body, and you won’t have to deal with returns and shipping.

Mini Skirt

Now, who in their right mind would wear a mini skirt while they are skiing. You’d be surprised, but they are extremely popular. As long as you can keep warm and pull it off, a mini skirt is a great piece of clothing to wear while you are on the slopes. But don’t think that people allow their skin to be exposed to the cold. Most people who wear mini-skirts also wear some type of winter pants underneath them. Just think of it as the equivalent of wearing leggings with a mini skirt in everyday weather.

Knee Length Skirts

Just like a mini skirt, it’s tough to wear a bottom layer of winter pants underneath. However, a knee-length skirt should keep you warm all by themselves. If the part of your body that is covered by your skirt is still cold, then you are not wearing a good quality skirt. If you are a short person who is thinking of wearing a knee-length skirt, know that it will definitely go past your knees. It may even end up in the middle of your shin. Also, the knee-length skirt is far more likely to have pockets than a mini skirt.

Long Skirts

This type of skirt is probably what you thought of when you read about skirts used in skiing. Since these skirts are long enough to touch the bottom of your ski boot cuffs, you will not have to wear thermal pants or an underlayer of pants. However, because of their needed length in order to keep out the cold, long skirts may be more restrictive than you think. When you try on a long ski skirt, make sure you can spread your legs, crouch down, and lift up each leg without your skirt rolling up and exposing your knees. If you practice the kind of skiing where you have to walk in your skis for much of your journey, this might not be a good option for you. It would be better if you chose the mini skirt or knee-length skirt to wear a ski skirt and have on thermal ski pants for better movement.

Features To Look For

So, I have shown you the different types of ski skirts, taught you what an insulated skirt was, and educated you about down feathers. Now it’s time to choose the different features you should look for in a skirt. In order to choose the best ski skirt for you, picture yourself skiing in a skirt and consider what kind of features you need.

Retains warmth

This is, of course, the most important feature in a skirt that is made for skiing. If you wear a ski skirt that doesn’t keep you warm around the parts it covers, do not wear it. Even though a ski skirt is not a pair of ski pants, it should keep you warm. As I suggested above, if you wear a knee-length or mini skirt, you will definitely want to pair them with an underlayer of warm thermal pants or a pair of ski pants. Do not ski with a mini skirt or evening skirt all by themselves. You should not have a problem with warm in a long skirt.

Reaches over your boots

If you choose to wear a long skirt, it should reach down to your feet. It needs to touch the part of the boot that covers your foot. You shouldn’t touch only the boot cuff. When a person who practices skiing purchases a ski skirt that does not cover their boots, they are likely to expose their skin to the cold. Now, if you plan on wearing an underlayer of thermal pants or a pair of ski pants underneath your long skirt, this will not be an issue.


A skirt that is made out of waterproof material is the second most important feature in a skiing skirt. Even though it will most likely not rain while you are skiing, you will still come in contact with the snow, which is just frozen water. If you sit on some snow, you will feel the cold, but you should not feel water or moisture seeping through your skirt. When you purchase the waterproof ski skirt, it would be a good idea to purchase a waterproof spray with it as well.

Moves with you, not against you

No matter what type of skiing you practice, you’ll have to move your body and your legs in different positions. The ski skirt that you purchase should allow you to make all the movements you need to without rolling up or restricting your movements. If you’re the type of skier who loves to do tricks, then you might not choose a ski skirt to ski in. before you purchase a ski skirt, try it on and make as many strange and unusual movements as you can to see if the skirt can move with you.


There’s nothing better in the world than a pair of large and conveniently placed pockets. I feel that no matter what kind of clothes you wear, well-made pockets are a very rare find. Women’s clothes are notorious for having small useless pockets or no pockets at all. But you are a skier, and you need to have pockets on your clothing. Even your skiing mini skirt should have one size of a pocket. If you wear a long skirt, you should definitely have pockets. And don’t forget that your pockets need to have zippers, so all of your items stay inside when you fall on the ground or make a sudden movement.

The Best Skirt For Skiing

Skhoop Alaska Long Down Skirt

Skhoop Alaska Long Down Skirt

Sub-Zero temperatures can’t get past this skirt. It is designed to keep you completely warm and comfortable. The material for this skirt is polyester, and the down feathers are RDS certified. This certification means that no animals were harmed or tortured in the creation and harvesting of the down feathers. The fabric repels moisture completely, so you never have to worry about the down feathers or your legs becoming wet. It also has two large zippers on the left and right of the skirt, and these pockets have zippers too. And you don’t have to worry about your skirt falling down because it has belt loops. Just wrap one of your favorite belts into the loops and secure It.

Smartwool Smartloft 120 Skirt

Smartwool Smartloft 120 Skirt

Watch Out, World! This is one of the best skiing mini-skirts on the market, and it will definitely show that you have a fashionista side. It may be small, but what it lacks in length, it definitely makes up for in thermoregulation fabric that traps your body heat. You will stay warm in this mini-skirt. However, you should know that the fabric that makes up the skirt is not elastic at all. It was built for people with very slim hips. The SmartWool skiing skirt does not come with pockets either, which is a real shame. But it is completely waterproof, so you never have to worry about water seeping through to your thermal pants or underwear. 

Women’s Transcendent Down Skirt

Women's Transcendent Down Skirt

This down feather knee-length skirt was made to be beautiful. It is styled with perpendicular sewing patterns, and it has an elastic waistband, so you don’t have to worry about the skirt not fitting if you bloat after a meal or gain a few pounds. But this skirt gets even better. It is designed to fit neatly into a small pocket. So if you want to wear your ski pants and then change out into the ski skirt, you can without carrying around a bag or backpack. This Transcendent down skirt is available in three light colors, and each color goes well with skiing outfits based on earthly tones. Because it is designed to fit in your pocket, it does not weigh very much. On the side of the skirt is a zipper that will not move once it is zipped up.


And there you have it! Three great skirts that any woman or man would enjoy wearing while they’re skiing up and down the trails and slopes of their favorite mountains. Just be sure that anything you wear keeps you sufficiently warm and toasty. You add this skirt to your clothing rotation if you are taking a big skiing trip with all your friends for several days. Or you can just put it on and walk around your home if you’re feeling a bit chilly. Be sure to perform the bending test before you finalize any skirt purchases. The bending test is simple: just bend down as much as you can, and if your skirt does not show your underwear, it is suitable for purchase. You don’t want to show everybody your underwear when you fall flat on your face, do you? 

Harry Sowers

Harry has been skiing and snowboarding since he was a boy growing up outside of Denver Colorado. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college a UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.