Plus Size Ski Pants 2020

No matter your ski type or what type of body you have, finding well-fitting ski clothing is challenging. In order to find good winter clothes, you have to try on at least three or four pants to find ones that cover your legs while leaving enough room for you to crouch and sit. But, the struggle to find suitable clothing is even worse for those who are plus size. Suppose you thought that finding plus size clothing in a regular department store was hard. In that case, you’ll be disappointed when I tell you that finding any decent plus-size clothes for skiing or snowboarding or any other type of winter activity will take you a while. But you should not give up and try another sport. In this article, I have found the best types of plus size ski pants that keep you warm, absorb your body sweat, and have plenty of room for you to move without the fear of splitting the seams of your pants. So keep on reading if you want to know the best plus size ski pants, ranked.

What Are Ski Pants?

If you ski, then you have an idea of what ski pants are. But for those who don’t know, ski pants are a type of winter sports pants made for skiers in mind. Anyone can wear ski pants if they prefer them, but their design for skiers specifically. Ski pants are names as such because they are designed for all of the needs that skiers have. 

 Ski pants are extremely form-fitting. Skiers need tighter clothing than other sports because they need to use both of their legs while skiing. Any small and loose movement can seriously impact their performance and cause a skier to mess up their moves or tricks. 

Are Snow Pants Different From Ski Pants?

Snow pants are made for snowboarders, and ski pants are made for skiers pants, as their names suggest. Each of these sports needs its own types of pants because the sport causes the person who is practicing it to move their bodies in different ways. I already wrote about the way that skiers move their bodies and why they need ski pants, so now I will write about snow pants. 

Snowboarders prefer to wear baggy clothes, so snow pants are baggier and much less form-fitting than ski pants. While their body positions and movements are important to snowboarders, those who are practicing it have much more leeway because their every movement won’t transfer to their board. Since both of their feet are attached to the same board, their entire lower body can move as one, and they don’t have to balance two individual boards. 

Snowboarders like their snow pants to be baggy because they can add an extra layer underneath their pants. Thermal pants are a great protective layer of clothing to help keep a snowboarder warm, but long socks and legwarmers are popular clothing items.

What Is A Ski Bib?

When you saw the word “Bib,” you might have thought of the baby bib that goes around a baby when it is time for them to eat. Don’t worry; that is not what a bib is in the skiing world. You don’t have to watch hundreds of skiers ski down slopes and trails with a baby bib on! That may just keep you off of the slopes for years to come!

A ski bib is a pair of overalls made for skiing and sub-zero winter temperatures. The material that makes up a bib is thick and extends up to a person’s chest. There are many pockets on a bib, and there is a harness on the back, just like a regular pair of overalls. 

But why would someone who practices winter sports want to wear winter overalls? Aren’t they more constructive because of all the thick material? Compared to ski pants, a bib provides much more warmth than a regular pair of pants and an extra layer of clothes. Some people need more extra protection and warmth around their torso than other people, especially if they have blood circulation issues. Plus, if you wear a ski bib, you may not need to wear a protective underlayer if the weather is more than -10 degrees. 

If you are not used to wearing as much clothing as a bib, then the bib will feel very constrictive. But after a while of wearing them, you should be able to break them in. If they are too tight, then you may need a bib at a bigger size. 

Features To Look For


The material that makes up your ski pants needs to be waterproof. It cannot allow moisture from the outside to reach to your under layers of clothing or your skin. If your clothing is not waterproof, you are likely to frostbite or another winter-related injury when your clothing comes into contact with ice or snow. So a simple fall could seriously impair you from skiing. If you noticed that your pants allow moisture to come through, it is time to get a new pair of ski pants. And if they are a brand new pair of ski pants and moisture can still reach into your under layers, then the item is defective, and you need to return it immediately.

Multiple pockets with Zippers

No matter what kind of ski style you practice, every single person who’s out on the slopes definitely needs extra pockets so they can keep small items with them on their person. As long as they have pockets, skiers won’t have to ski back to their ski Locker or search for their friend who’s holding the ski equipment every time they need something. With multiple pockets, a skier can keep a flashlight, a snack bar, their cell phone, or a camera, and many other things. The pockets should also have zippers, so all of the stuff that the skier is holding won’t go flying out when they do a turn or a flip in the air. 

Cinched leg cuffs

Along with retaining the warmth around your body, preventing the cold from penetrating through to your skin is an important feature in ski pants. Since the pant cuffs and jacket arm cuffs are open, there must be a cinched material around the end of the sleeve or pant leg, so snow is less likely to get in. When you purchase ski pants that are cinched or have a strap at the bottom around the cuff, they will cling to your leg and not allow snow to go into your pants when you hit a hard turn, or you fall into the snow. If the material is not cinched or there is no strap to tighten loose cuffs, it should at least come with a small rope to fasten it instead.

Proper fit

You should not settle for ill-fitting clothing just because you are plus-sized. There are plenty of plus-size options for any type of winter sport that you participate in. Proper fit for ski pants means that the pants sit on your body and are not too tight in certain areas and too loose around others. Any plus-size person wearing ski pants should be able to sit down without the cuff of their pants riding up and exposing their ankles and calves to the cold. You should also be able to crouch down with ease, and the material should not strain.

Room for thermals

Snow pants are more likely to have more wiggle room than ski pants, but since this list is for plus-sized pants, ski pants should have more room anyway. With that extra room or extra bagginess, plus-sized people will be able to add an underlayer underneath their ski pants. If you don’t need to add an extra layer to keep warm, that is great, but many people, plus-sized or not, feel better with an extra layer of thermals between them and the cold. If you can wear long thick socks underneath your thermals, that’s an even bigger plus. But if you can’t find ski pants with this much give, it’s a good idea to buy ski pants that are one size bigger than what you would normally buy.

The Best Plus Size Ski Pants, Ranked

Columbia Plus Size Bugaboo Omni-Heat Pants

Columbia Plus Size Bugaboo Omni-Heat Pants

The best feature of these pants is that they are built to keep snow out. It has a reinforced cuff on each pant leg, so no matter what kind of movements you need to do on your ski run, you won’t feel snow into your sock or shoe. When it’s time to wash these pants, just throw them in the washer and allow them to hang dry. These Bugaboo pants also have several different pockets to keep any small object that you need on you. These pants come in 1X, 2X, and 3X. 

North Face Freedom Insulated Pant – Men’s

North Face Freedom Insulated Pant - Men’s

Sometimes, you need a real heavy-duty pair of pants to keep you insulated and protected from Sub-Zero temperatures, and these are the pants that can do it. It has several belt loops and multiple zipper pockets so you can secure and store anything you need on your person. The North Face insulated pad is constructed with the DryVent technology, so it quickly absorbs any sweat that your body produces and allows it to escape through the extremely breathable but waterproof fabric. It is machine washable, but if they’re not that dirty, you can wipe them down with a cloth and let it air dry. These pants come in extra small to extra extra large. 

Snow Country Outerwear Women’s Plus Size Ski Pants

Snow Country Outerwear Women’s Plus Size Ski Pants

If you like simple, straightforward designs and solid colors, then you’ll be glad these pants are on this list. With five colors to choose and a minimalist design that will distract from the rest of your outfit, you can easily add these pants to any other snow out that you have, and it’ll blend in perfectly. An important feature that should definitely be noted about these pants is that they are made for regular-sized people and petite size people. And the petite sizes also go up to plus sizes, so you’re sure to find a size that fits your body no matter how small or plus-sized you are. These pants are constructed as the material is both renewable and waterproof. The Snow Country outerwear pants come in sizes 1X to 6X and 1x petite to 5X petite.

Fashion Women’s High Ski Jacket and Pants

Fashion Women’s High Ski Jacket and Pants

This ensemble has to be one of the best ski pants plus size. Created as a unit, this jacket and pants combo is sure to fit your body perfectly. Both the jacket and the pants are weatherproof and waterproof and are reinforced, so they are last longer and won’t wear down than other types of jackets and pants. Perfect for beginning skiers who don’t have any equipment or someone looking for both pants and a jacket that compliment each other. There are over ten different color combinations to choose from. If you order this product from Amazon, it will arrive in 5 to 7 days, even if you don’t have Prime. These pants and jackets come in sizes small to 3x large.


To find the best plus size ski pants, you must take your time and search through store after store and try on countless pants to find the one that fits best on you. But hopefully, this quick plus size ski pants guide can help you shorten your search to a few companies or a few brands. Remember that when you finally purchase a pair of ski pants that you like, they must be extremely comfortable and have room for you to move. The ski pants need to be completely waterproof and weatherproof, so you stay warm and dry throughout your skiing adventures. It will take longer for plus-size people to find great form-fitting ski pants than other types of people, but they should not be discouraged. The skiing community is open to all people who share a love of skiing. If you ever have any concerns about plus-size issues, don’t be afraid to search through online forms any other plus-size people who have faced the same issues. 

Harry Sowers

Harry has been skiing and snowboarding since he was a boy growing up outside of Denver Colorado. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college a UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.