Every skier loves their skis. It doesn’t matter if they are brand-new shiny skis that you got for your birthday or an old pair that you have repaired over and over again, a skier cannot be far from their skis. If you are a good skier like me, you care for your skis very much, and you repair them when they develop the slightest little dent or crack. You wax them, wash them, and keep them in pristine shape. It’s a lot of work, but it’s just what you do when you love to ski. How you store your skis is just as crucial as the skis themselves. A good ski bag protects your skis from damage and keeps them safe while you’re traveling on a plane or in a car. And when winter is over, you must store them away in a proper bag that protects them from humidity and bending. But the bag that skis are stored in is not just any old bag; they are specialized ski bags. But what type of ski bag do you need and what features should you look for? 

What Is A Ski Bag?

No matter how much you ski, you should always store your skis in a ski bag. A ski bag isn’t just like any other bag. It’s not like a duffle bag, either. A ski bag is a specialized bag created to hold your skis in a way so that they do not knock together and damage each other. Ski bags always come with the straps, so they are easy to carry, and others even have wheels on the bottom of the back so you can roll the bag like a suitcase.

From the newest beginner to a 30-year veteran, every skier uses ski bags to transport and carry their skis wherever they need to go. Do not mistake ski bags for a ski boot bag. A ski boot bag is made to only hold your boots and a few extra items on the side. They do not have any room for skis.

Along with your skis, you can also add small items to the bag like your gloves, chapstick, a water bottle, snack bars, and any other small item that you might need. Ski bags have been around as long as skis themselves have been available. Some people use ski straps to carry their skis, but these straps do not have any extra room to carry other items. 

A ski bag or a ski travel bag makes it easy to travel with your skis on a plane or on a bus. You can also use a ski bag to store and carry your ski poles. While some ski bags may not have enough room to hold your ski poles, you can usually add a ski pole strap to the outside of the bed, so you don’t have to carry them. Many ski bags come with this extra strap, but some do not, and you’ll have to buy it separately. 

Features To Look For

So now that you know what a ski bag is, what a boot bag is, and some of the great benefits to using a ski bag, the next thing you should know is what to look for in a ski bag. Below are a ton of different features that ski bags can have. It is up to you to determine exactly what you need from a ski bag so you can choose out bag that’s right for you. Be sure to consider each feature and weight against how much easier it would make your life if you had a ski bag with a feature like it. 

Size – one or two pairs

Some skiers only use one pair of skis until it’s time to purchase new ones, but other skiers overlap their ski purchasing. So they have two skis in rotation at all times. If you are a skier who has two pairs of skis more, then you might need a double ski bag. Also, if you engage in two different skiing types, like Alpine and cross country, you cannot use the same type of ski for each activity. You will need to take two different skis pairs wherever you go, so this might be best for you.

Extra space

Some skiers travel with both their ski bag and their ski boot bag to have all of their equipment with them when they need it. But you might not be like this. You might just only want to have your ski bag, and that’s all. Any item you need, you always store in your ski bag. If it can fit, it doesn’t go with you. In this case, you should look for ski bags that have more than enough room after you place your skis inside of them. You can also purchase double ski bags and only take one pair of skis.


No matter what type of item you have, it will make your life so much easier to clean if it has a liner. Boots, gloves, jackets all tend to have liners so you can throw the liner in the washer and not have to fret about cleaning the rest of the item until you need to. And that goes double for the ski bag. After a long day on the slopes, you’ll have to store your dirty skis in the ski bag, which will dirty the liner. But after you take the skis out, you can wipe off the liner or throw it in the washer. You don’t have to wash the ski bag shell at all unless it is very dirty.


A travel ski bag needs to hold up against all kinds of different terrains, weather, and rough handling. Even if the ski bag you want is completely waterproof and weatherproof, it should not rip or tear easily. Now, most ski bags in their features section say that the bag is quite durable, but the only way to know is to review the reviews. When you check the reviews for the ski that you’re interested in, look for reviews that say how the bag held up against storms, rubbing against tree branches, and how the straps handle different weights.

Waterproof zippers

 One of the biggest issues with winter sports equipment is the zipper. They may sound strange, but it is usually the area where water or moisture is most likely to seep through and get inside the bag. So you should always look for bags that have waterproof zippers. Any type of moisture usually slips through cracks where the zipper zips up. But there are waterproof slippers that don’t allow any water to leak in.

Ski pole straps or ski pole storage

If you have a bag that stores skis, it makes sense that they should also store ski poles. But some ski bags don’t have room to store the ski pools, so they have extra outside straps so you can strap the ski poles to the bag. But beware because some bags don’t have any room to store ski poles inside, and don’t have any straps at all. Whether or not you want the ski poles stored inside the bag is up to you.


The waterproof material is one of the basic features of all winter sports equipment. The majority of bags that are made for skiing equipment will be waterproof. But be sure to check the comment and what people have said if you are buying a bag that looks kind of flimsy. If several reviews are stating that the ski bag is not waterproof, then don’t purchase it. A waterproof bag should not need to be sprayed with waterproof spray when you first purchase it. 


The best ski bag is one that makes it easy for you to carry it while you are traveling. You definitely have to carry your ski bag on your shoulder while you hike through the snow, but what about through hotel lobbies, bus stations, and the airport? If you need to conserve their energy and save it all for the slopes, it may be a smart idea for you to purchase a ski bag with wheels. You can simply roll it across the floor like a piece of luggage. You can also place a smaller bag on top of it, so you don’t have to carry on your other shoulder.


If you have a ski bag that has a warranty, you will not have to pay for repairs or a new bag if it is damaged. Cheaper ski bags may not come with warranties, but expensive high-grade bags made from premium brands will definitely have a warranty. So if you choose to invest your money in a higher quality premium ski bag, you’ll have peace knowing that if anything bad happens to your premium bag, the company will either repair or replace it if it is ruined within its warranty period.

The Best Bag For Carrying Skis

Okay, now that you know all the different features that can come with a ski carrying bag, it’s time to check out the best ski bags available online. Some people don’t like to shop online for ski bags, or they want to have their skis with them to see how much room the bag has after they put those keys inside. If this is you, then take a look at this list and select the best one. Then go down to a brick-and-mortar winter equipment store and check it out and purchase it from there. That will take more time than shopping online, but you won’t have to deal with returning a ski bag that doesn’t fit your skis.

AmazonBasics Single Padded Ski Bag

AmazonBasics Single Padded Ski Bag

A cheap and durable bag, the Amazonbasics single padded ski bag is great for beginners who are just dipping your toe into skiing or anyone who is looking for a great back on the cheap. Because it is an Amazon Basics item, it comes with a one-year warranty, but you might not need it since it is double padded and reinforced, so it has a long life span and is quite durable. The padding keeps the skis inside from damage if the bag is knocked into hard surfaces or dropped onto the ground. A skier can carry this bag on their shoulder or carry it in their hand. The grip is padded to make it more comfortable. It is made with 100% polyester, which is known to have great waterproofing qualities as it repels water. This ski bag is made for a single pair of skis, and its dimensions are 59 in by 7 in. 

AUMTISC Ski Bag and Boot Bag Combo

AUMTISC Ski Bag and Boot Bag Combo

This is another great product if you are a beginner or you’re looking to save some money. This combo product not only comes with a well-made ski bag, but it comes with a boot bag as well. If your skis are much smaller than the bag, the bag’s end can roll up to fit the smaller skis. Or you can leave it unrolled and add a few extra items to the loose end of the ski bag. Within the main bag is a reinforced PVC pipe so your skis won’t be crushed, and the bag will not lose its shape. Folded into the bag material is resin, so both bags are extremely breathable, and they won’t lock in any strange smell on the inside. The ski bag and the boot bag have double zippers and grip padding, so they are comfortable to carry. The ski bag’s dimensions are 79 in by 15 in, and the dimensions for the boot bag are 15 x 15 x 10 in. 

Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller

Dakine Fall Line Ski Roller

Although this ski bag is much more expensive than our first and second bag, it is definitely worth it. Created by Dakine, one of the biggest winter equipment brands, this ski bag is built to last for years. Although this ski bag only holds one pair of skis, it is designed to hold everything else. You can place your winter clothes in there; your ski poles, boots, gloves, goggles, and helmet all-in-one bag. Also, the Fall Line Ski Roller Bag has a large pocket on the outside of the bag for even more storage. It is made out of polyester material, so it can handle any type of weather the environment throws at it, and it is completely waterproof. It also has wheels on one end of the bed to roll it where there are flat surfaces. It is completely padded all the way around to keep your skis from outside damage, and the padding won’t get wet because of the polyester material. 

High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag

High Sierra Wheeled Double Ski Bag

A well-made and durable double ski bag is what every professional-grade or advanced skier needs. The High Sierra ski bag has wheels at the bottom of one of the ends, so you won’t have to carry it around whenever there’s a flat surface available. There is rubber around the wheels, so the bottom of the bed does not scrape against any objects in the way when you are Wheeling across the floor. The main compartment around the skis is double padded to reduce contact damage, and it can hold up to 86 in or 210cm. The shoulder strap and hand strap for both padded, so the straps do not dig into your skin. The only downside to this ski bag is its weight. All by itself, this ski bag weighs more than 6 lb, so if you are not that strong or can’t carry too much, then you should reconsider owning this bag. 

Athalon Deluxe Two-Piece Ski & Boot Bag Combo

Athalon Deluxe Two-Piece Ski & Boot Bag Combo

Another great ski bag and boot bag combo, you won’t want to miss out on this combo product when it goes on sale. The ski bag can hold a pair of skis that are 72 inches or less. Both of the bags are made from a polyester and nylon mix, so not only is it durable; it is weatherproof and waterproof. Each bag is incredibly lightweight. As the book bag and the ski bag both weigh 110 lb separately, so this type of bag can work for your teenager or an older person. The ski bag does not have backpack straps, but it does have a shoulder strap and a handle strap. Both of the bags are not padded, so you have to take extra care when moving around small spaces or putting it down on the ground.

How To Fly With Ski Bags

Now that skiers and snowboarders are traveling with their equipment worldwide to new places, it is much easier to travel with your equipment. The vast majority of Airlines allow skiers to check in their ski bag as a regular piece of luggage. However, if you have a ski bag and a boot bag, they will be marked as two individual check bags. If don’t know about the airline’s policies regarding ski bags on your flight, you can always go to the airline’s site and investigate for yourself. But if you are paranoid about the care of your ski equipment (let’s be real here, airlines don’t have the best reputation for taking care of a passenger’s luggage), then you can always call up the customer service and see if you can purchase a flight for your ski equipment. It might be odd, and it will cost more, but you have peace of mind knowing that your equipment is safe next to you.

How To Clean Ski Bags

When it comes to cleaning your ski bags, it’s easier to do so if you have a ski bag with a liner inside. But no matter what type of bag you have, you must wash it every so often, so the dirt and grime that falls off the skis doesn’t ruin the inside. When you’re done skiing for the day, and you put your skis into the ski bag, take them out when you’re back into your hotel room or back at home and wipe down the inside with the clock. Even if it doesn’t look like there’s anything dirt inside, it’s always good to remove any small particles or bacteria. You have to wipe down the outside of the bag and the straps as well.

If your ski bag is very dirty, throw the liner in the washer prepare to scrub your bag. If the brand supplied instructions on how to properly wash your bag, then follow the instructions carefully. 

 But if they did not, then you will need a bowl of warm water, a sponge, and dish soap. Hold the sponge and dip it in the bowl of warm water and mix this up around. Then take the rough side of the sponge and gently scrub all around your bag and on the inside as well. Do not throw your bag into the washer. You can destroy your bag and its shape. Continue to rinse and scrub your bag until it is no longer dirty. When you are done cleaning it, allow it to air-dry for as long as it needs and do not place anything inside it until it is dry.


I hope this quick and easy guide to finding ski bags helps you like the best ski bag for you. But before you purchase a ski bag from an online store, be sure to measure the length of your skis, so you know which bags are too big or too small for your skis. Nothing is worse than purchasing something that you like only to find out that you have to return and ship it because it does not fit. 

Harry Sowers

Harry has been skiing and snowboarding since he was a boy growing up outside of Denver Colorado. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college a UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.