Best Ski Gloves 2021 for Men and Women

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Best Ski Gloves Reviewed

It’s obvious that when you’re skiing, you need to be warm. With the frigid temperatures, you want a ski glove that meets all of your needs. You could get frostbite and have a really bad day if you don’t have the best ski gloves. While many people like mittens, we often think that gloves are best. However, we may include a pair of mittens for comparison.

Choosing the right ski gloves requires you to have enough warmth, dexterity, and thickness. The ski glove has to be thin while still being water-resistant and warm. To make it easier, we are going to break up the gloves by men’s and women’s. That way, you can go right to the section pertaining to you.

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Best Men’s Gloves for Skiing

Men often have different needs for their ski gloves. 2020 was a different sort of year, and many are predicting a very cold winter going into 2021. That said, you need to ensure that you’ve got the best ski gloves possible. We are going to help you focus on five exciting gloves that can help you stay warm on the slopes.

Hestra Army Leather Ski Gloves

Hestra Army Leather Ski Gloves

Hestra is a Swedish company and has been making its gloves for more than 100 years, ensuring that it knows what it’s doing. These ski gloves are made with leather and are quite comfortable and warm. They feature ‘Bemberg’ liners, so they’re breathable and can wick away moisture when you sweat. You can also remove the liners in these leather gloves or change them out for various thicknesses giving you a customizable ski glove.

One thing you’ve got to be aware of is that removable liners can be a problem. They can either get pushed into the glove or pulled out when you remove the gloves. These don’t do that because of the high-quality construction. In fact, this pair of gloves features supple and soft goat leather. It’s durable, but you aren’t going to need to break them in before you use them on the slopes.

However, you may choose to treat them before and after the ski season. These gloves are wider and longer with a gauntlet style. This means they keep out more of the snow and cold because they can go over the jacket cuff and cinch up if necessary. The wrist leash is also great because you don’t have to worry about losing them while gripping the ski poles as you slide down the slope.

Many people like ski gloves with a lobster style, which means only three fingers are out. This can look odd, but it’s a combination of a glove and mitten. If you dislike that style, no fear. Hestra’s got both options available.

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

Black Diamond Guide Gloves

If cold hands in winter plague you, then the Black Diamond brand is for you. They feature a fleece lining insulation and are likely the warmest ski gloves on the market. Of course, you can remove the liners within the ski gloves, which allows you to dry them at the end of your day.

The extra warmth of the gloves does come with a price because they aren’t the most dexterous or flexible. Still, it features a goatskin lining, which is soft and tough and requires a little break-in time.

However, once you’ve worn them for a few days, they’re flexible enough to do almost anything without having to remove them.

During the cold weather, you’re going to love the fleece lining, which is breathable, comfortable, and soft. That way, if your hands do get sweaty, the liner wicks the moisture away. The goat leather looks amazing, but it’s also very durable. Plus, every inch of the gloves has an abrasion-resistant shell that’s thick for more durability. As long as you care for these leather gloves, they are going to last a while.

The Black Diamond Guide brand offers foam padding for the fingers. This gives you a bit more warmth, but can also protect the fingers, too. With the goatskin leather and its nylon weave shell, you’ve got water-resistant gloves that are going to keep your hands warm.

While you might not worry so much about water-resistance in the cold weather, you may also ski in sleet or wetness, so you may like this feature.

These Black Diamond Guide gloves are designed well to have many useful features. For example, the snow stays out because of the cinch closure, and there’s a nose wipe on your thumb if you get the snuffles.

Black Diamond is a great brand and is one of the best ski gloves on the market for cold hands. If you want something stylish and warm, Black Diamond Guide is the best choice. There are also Black Diamond mittens if you prefer that instead.

Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves

Outdoor Research Revolution Gloves

When you want a mid-range price and excellent gloves, Outdoor Research has what you need. Though they are budget-friendly, they don’t skimp on comfort and features.

These are very warm gloves, and they are tested to make sure that they are dexterous. You can zip up a jacket, buckle your ski boots, and put on your helmet while wearing them. If you spend a little extra, you can get get the thumb and index fingers with the special coating to use the touch screen on your phone.

The Outdoor Research gloves are water-resistant and almost waterproof. Therefore, they work well in both warm and wet conditions, such as for spring skiing. However, it’s made of leather, so you’ve got to make sure you take care of them. The goatskin is very soft and durable, and they look amazing. Still, there is going to be a break-in period here, but it doesn’t take very long. After one day, you’re sure to feel comfortable with them.

The inner liner cannot be removed, but this may not be a problem if you primarily ski during cold weather. Outdoor Research uses fleece linings that are comfortable, warm, and breathable. That way, any moisture is wicked away, and your hands stay dry.

Of course, you are sure to like the Velcro wrist adjustment on the Outdoor Research gloves to help you get the right fit. There’s also a cinch closure to keep snow and cold out. The removable wrist leash is a nice touch and isn’t likely to get in your way as with other gloves.

Burton Men’s Baker Gloves

Burton Men's Baker Gloves

If you plan to spend a lot of time on the slopes, you need high standards when it comes to the gloves you buy. The fall line for the Burton brand is plentiful, but the Baker has a removable liner, which can help when the gloves get wet from a day of shredding snow. At the end of the day, all you’ve got to do is quickly pull out the liner and dry it for the next ski session.

You always want a liner inside the gloves unless you plan to use a separate liner of your own creation. Also, it might be good to get an oversized glove to use a hand warmer. These gloves have a zipper compartment in each to place the hand warmers.

The outer shell needs to be water-resistant or waterproof, and these gloves are. Generally, in the heart of winter, you may not see a lot of wet precipitation and may not need to have that. Still, if you ski during the spring months, you can expect to see rain, ice, sleet, and other inclement weather. You want an outer shell that stays dry to protect the inner parts of the ski glove. A leather glove is often the best option because it is going to stay warm and dry while you spend the day on the slopes.

Of course, you also want a touch screen index finger option, which you get with the Baker ski gloves. In most cases, though, this is standard on any gloves you buy. People want tech-savvy options, and those without them don’t make the cut anymore.

Arc’teryx Sabre Gloves

Arc'teryx Sabre Gloves

Though the name sounds funny, Arc’teryx Sabre gloves are high-quality and high-end. This means you’re going to pay more for them, but they could have everything you need in a pair of gloves. With its Gore-Tex insert, they are breathable and waterproof.

The Polartec Wind Pro is what’s used for insulation in the liners of the glove. This removable liner allows you to dry it out or take it out when your hands aren’t cold.

With articulated fingers, you can easily touch the smartphone screen with your index finger without having to remove them. Of course, they feature a leather palm, which helps you hold the ski poles while you spend a day on the slopes. This also enables you to grip the smartphone when on the ski lift, and the wind is blowing.

These gloves provide skiers with a high-end, quality product with plenty of warmth for the cold weather and waterproof attributes. Still, the cuff is quite small.

Best Women’s Gloves for Skiing

Women often have smaller hands, which means they need a leather ski glove that’s long-lasting. The best ski gloves have been listed below, and they are designed to keep your hands warm in the cold weather. You’ve got to make sure that you can hold the ski poles, and have plenty of water-resistance. Most of them are leather gloves. Of course, you can choose between gloves and mittens, but we think that gloves are the best choice for most women.

While each brand comes out with a new fall line each year, these are timeless and always going to work. Still, you might want to consider checking out the differences and improvements on each brand to ensure that you get the best ski gloves possible to keep your hands warm.

Burton Women’s Gore-Tex Gloves and Mittens

Burton Women's Gore-Tex Gloves

Burton is an excellent brand of ski glove, and it is designed to work with touch screens. Therefore, you can leave the gloves on while you use your smartphone. The Termacore and Gore-Tex insulation can keep the hands warm even on the coldest of days. These leather ski gloves have an outer shell that is waterproof, as well. Plus, they allow moisture to escape and are windproof, too.

The removable Thermex and Gore-Tex liner expands slightly within the first two days. That way, you can remove the liner and just wear it when you don’t need as much warmth. When you do remove the outer shell, the liner is used for warmer weather. You may also like replacing the shell when you’re back out in the frigid conditions. Since you can use it for various climates, it’s a handy and versatile accessory.

This ski glove can tackle freezing rain and wet snow but still keep the hands warm and dry for long periods. If you think you’re going to go skiing often, these are the gloves to have.

The Gore-Tex glove is amazing and provides warmth. You can keep the hands dry all day long with these leather gloves. While they cost a bit more than other models, the Burton Gore-Tex Gloves are ideal for harsh weather conditions. Plus, you can find them in mitten form, too.

Hestra Women’s Heli Ski Gloves

Hestra Women's Heli Ski Gloves

Everyone needs a great pair of leather ski gloves. Hestra offers plenty of styles and options, but the Heli brand is an excellent choice. Keep in mind that they come as five- and three-finger gloves, as well as mittens.

Of course, the fleece liner can be removed so that you just use the glove. You can also mix and match to meet a variety of skiing conditions.

There’s a wrist cinch included, which features a one-pull tightening. This ensures that you can do it while wearing the other leather glove. You’re going to find that they provide warmth and are cozy and soft. Regardless, your hands are going to breathe and stay dry.

You can also find a Bemberg polyester inner liner in some of the brands. They wick moisture away easily.

This leather glove combines with polyamide fabrics to make them waterproof. Of course, these gloves require a little break-in period so that they are completely flexible. Also, since they are leather with a leather palm, you need to condition and maintain them properly. The manufacturer provides instructions on how to do this. Usually, though, you have to do it once a year or so.

If you like the dexterity of gloves but want a mitten, then you might enjoy the different styles available. This allows you to keep what makes you happy, handle equipment changes, use your telephone, and so much more.

Keep your hands warm and dry while skiing with these gloves. You can also keep the snow out of them with the cinch strap.

The North Face Montana Etip

The North Face Montana Etip

When you want quality winter ski gloves, you need the North Face. With the Mountain Etip, you are going to get windproof, waterproof, and breathable gloves that are designed to last a long time. These gloves may be best for skiing because they have a synthetic leather palm with a touch-screen sensitive thumb. That way, you can continue using a smart device while they are on. You’re going to appreciate that when on the chair lift. The wind is going to blow, and your ski gloves are going to keep your hands nice and toasty warm.

There’s a cinch strap, which prevents the cold air and snow from getting inside. You can also adjust various parts while wearing your gloves, providing a snug fit without taking your hands out of the ski glove.

The Etips use Radiametric Articulation, which means that your hands stay relaxed and in a comfortable position when you’re holding the poles. There is, of course, plenty of insulation to keep your hands warm, and Heatseeker insulation is used. However, the leather is supple so that you can still use your hands as needed.

These ski gloves offer a wrist strap with Velcro to keep the wrist closed. You’ll really like the fact you can’t lose them when you do decide to remove them temporarily. Plus, the long cuff goes farther up the wrist to keep you warm.

MCTi Warm Touchscreen Ski Gloves

MCTi Warm Touchscreen Ski Gloves

When you take a look at the MCTi fall line, you are sure to see its Touchscreen Ski gloves. They’re designed to be waterproof and provide a warm hand feeling throughout the winter. While they are ski gloves, you can use them for other winter-weather activities and sports. These gloves fit snugly and have high-quality wrist buckles to keep them in place.

You are going to find that these ski gloves offer 3M Thinsulate insulation and are filled with thick, soft cotton. They’re designed with a moisture-wicking TPU leather insert, as well. This is breathable and keeps your hands warm and dry. Of course, there’s a third lining, which is soft for the skin and comfortable.

You want ski gloves that are highly durable and wear-resistant. These feature leather PU reinforcements for protection between the index finger and thumb. That way, you’re less likely to get joint pain. You’ve also got anti-slip grips on the palms for better grip. With the touch-screen adaptability, you don’t need to remove the gloves and expose your hands to the cold air when you want to answer a call or send a text.

Runny noses are always an issue while skiing on the slopes, but you are going to like that these gloves have a soft nose thumb wipe integrated. Wipe away that moisture so that it doesn’t freeze there!

Columbia Women’s Bugaboo Gloves

Columbia Women's Bugaboo Gloves

The Columbia ski gloves are always top-of-the-line for the outdoors. If you want more value for the cost, then you are going to like these. The gauntlet style is similar to what the other ski gloves have been. You can tighten and loosen them to help regulate fit and temperature. The hem is also adjustable. Just pull it over your coat and head down the mountain or into the backcountry.

We like that the fleece liners are removable, which gives you three different ski glove options. Take the fleece lining out and use them for skiing in warmer weather. The shells can also be used separately. When you need more warmth, combine the liner and shell. Handwarmers can also be used because of the zippered pocket at the back of the hand.

The fleece is designed for insulation and provides warmth. However, it’s breathable, too, and can wick away moisture when the hands start sweating. The shells use Omni-Tech, which is a patented exterior designed to be breathable, windproof, and waterproof.

Insulation happens from the shell, too, because of the Omni-Heat feature. This reflective lining is proprietary to this brand of ski gloves.

You also get articulated fingers, meaning they are pre-curved. Therefore, it’s easy to hold the poles all day while skiing down the piste. The best part is you’ve got access to the zipper pocket to add extra warmth whenever the need arises. Because these ski gloves are made with synthetic materials, they are tough and durable. You’re not going to require a lot of maintenance as with leather gloves.

Ski Gloves Buying Guide with FAQ

The ski glove is more than an accessory. It’s a garment that must be worn and considered sports equipment that can protect your hands and offer warmth and comfort. Therefore, when choosing gloves, you need to ensure that they have the right properties, such as warmth, fit, design, and being waterproof.

Warmth and Protection

Just like when you buy a sleeping bag or jacket, gloves offer various degrees of warmth and thickness. The shell materials and inner membranes are a big part of this. Different materials are going to provide more insulation and warmth. In general, the glove you choose is determined by how and where you do most of the activities. If you prefer skiing in very cold climates, you want more insulation so that the glove is warmer. Please consider that you are going to want warmth, comfort, and breathability, as well as protection from snow and water.

Shell Material

There are two choices when you consider the outer shell. You can choose leather or synthetic fabric.

  • Synthetic materials are more cost-effective and popular with a nylon fabric mixture. However, some high-end gloves may use Gore-Tex for breathability and waterproof features and combine them with a PU coating. You can either choose between a soft- or hard-shell finish.
  • Leather is going to be more expensive and durable, and it’s also pliable and waterproof. Ski gloves often use goatskin or cowhide. When you combine this with a microporous membrane, you are going to get a ski glove that lasts for many years while continuing to deliver warmth and appropriate protection from the elements.

Inner Membrane Material

Besides warmth, you need your hands to be comfortable and dry, as well. Make sure that your gloves don’t get wet because of the external conditions. However, you should also keep the internal ones dry from perspiration. To do that, you need to ensure breathability in the membrane. Generally, this means that there are tiny pores that help water evaporate. It’s often placed between the inner and outer shells depending on how the gloves are constructed. You can find two primary materials for your gloves’ inner membrane:

  • Gore-Tex is a well-established option and focuses on performance with great breathability and waterproof features. Primarily, it is used in ski gloves, but can also be used in many other products.
  • Windstopper is part of the Gore team of products, but it is an ePTFE membrane that’s windproof and breathable without being waterproof. Therefore, it’s ideal for cold and dry conditions where warmth is important. Generally, this liner is coated to be used with winter gloves.

Insulation Material

People often wear ski gloves to protect their hands from extreme weather conditions. Therefore, you need the best insulation levels. Make sure the gloves are breathable and offer warmth without sacrificing the ability to move. Insulation can include a variety of things:

  • Primaloft is a synthetic and man-made insulation filling that’s water-resistant, breathable, and warm. While not as warm as down, it’s suitable for wet conditions.
  • Down is made from duck or goose feathers and is lightweight. Generally, this insulation traps air inside to ensure the hands stay warm. However, it doesn’t fare well when wet.
  • Fiberfill is the last option, and it’s quite lightweight. It works well for cold and wet needs.

Palm Reinforcements

Your gloves must be designed for skiing, and the palms are a significant part of that. We think you are going to like the durability and protection found in ski gloves because they have leather palms to help you hold your poles. Usually, you get a vinyl or leather coating to add more durability. While this isn’t going to protect the hand and make them warm, it does ensure that your hands don’t cramp as you’re skiing down the hill.

Size and Fit

You’ve got to ensure that the gloves fit properly so that they are comfortable and provide for dexterity. If you want the best performance while skiing, you need a glove that allows you to wiggle the fingers while wearing the liner. It should also cover the wrist completely. When wearing the glove, bunch up the hand and make a fist. Whenever the fingers feel restricted and can’t bend, the ski gloves are too tight.

Additional Features

The best ski gloves don’t necessarily need any other features. However, you may want to consider the cuff length. Longer ones are going to protect the wrist and forearm. Wrist guards can also be helpful when choosing gloves. You know that you need extra padding around the wrists. Gloves can actually protect from minor issues.

Skiing can only happen when it’s cold. As 2020 nears its end, you want the best ski gloves you can possibly find. It’s likely that many people are going to get the sniffles. While you need to be respectful of others and try not to sneeze or cough on them, you don’t want a runny nose. Many of the ski gloves we’ve considered have a nose wipe around the thumb area.

Gloves come in many styles and colors, but you may want to consider ones that are touchscreen compatible. You’re going to be listening to music or answering the phone at times. Though some people still consider it rude to be on the slopes with a phone, duty can call at any time. The glove you choose must be extremely durable and allow you to answer calls as needed.


You can’t choose a glove without considering the price. Of course, some of the best gloves on the market are very expensive. This can’t be helped, and if you can afford it, you’re going to find that they do everything you need them to do. Still, we recognize that you will definitely want the best gloves at an affordable price. You may have to skimp on a few extra features, but you’re still going to find some excellent choices. We feel it’s best to consider a reasonable budget when choosing gloves.

Tips for Fit

When you first put it on, your fingers should barely touch the end of the compartment or have about a quarter-inch gap. Of course, they have to fit firmly around the finger and hand, but they can’t be too tight. That could lead to poor circulation, which is problematic in the cold. Generally, you want a material that expands a little while you wear it. Then, once they dry again, they shrink up back to normal. With that, you get gloves that are very comfortable throughout the day.

To test the gloves, wear them and try to buckle your boots or zip a coat. It’s best to wear the articles of clothing you plan to wear on the slope. That way, you know you aren’t going to have to remove the gloves to do what you need to do. Those who plan to use trail maps and smartphones on their adventure may want to test out the glove with those items, as well.

Many of the brands we mentioned required a break-in period of at least a day. This means you are going to wear them and feel uncomfortable. However, after a few days or so, they are going to feel just like your hand. When that happens, the manufacturer is going to tell you how to break them in and care for them. It’s important to read this information and do what it says.

Some people aren’t going to like the pre-curved fingers. Only you can decide if this is right for you, so test out a few options before deciding on a particular style or brand.


Should I choose gloves or mittens?

Only you can decide if gloves or mittens are right for you. We feel that gloves are generally best for the cold conditions your hands are going to face. Still, mittens can ensure that your hand stays warmer. Mitts ensure that the fingers are all together, so they stay warmer from a single central chamber and get more direct heat. However, a mitt has less mobility when compared to the glove. Each finger has its own chamber in gloves, which means you can move and hold things. There are hybrid mitts on the market that allow you to get the best of both worlds.

Are leather or synthetic ski gloves better?

The best glove is the one that feels good to you. Therefore, it’s a personal preference whether you want leather or synthetic materials to make up the gloves. Leather is waterproof and offers plenty of protection. However, you’ve got to maintain it to make it last. Synthetic fabrics are less expensive and can be washed.

How do I store the ski gloves?

When storing gloves, we feel it is best to dry them out after using them. Don’t just toss them into a bag because they can develop mildew or mold. This is going to make the gloves smelly and can cause bacteria to form. If you have to leave with wet gloves, put them in a ziplock baggie to protect the rest of your things. That way, they aren’t going to lose their shape. Once you can, take the gloves out and dry them naturally in warm air.

Which style is best – short or long?

Again, it’s mainly a matter of preference, and you can find a variety of glove styles. Ultimately, a glove with a short cuff can be worn under the jacket sleeve or your shirt sleeve. They’re functional regardless of the weather. Long-cuff or gauntlet styles are easier to put on and take off than short cuffs. We often think that the long-cuff glove is best, though this is always a matter of preference.

Should I get a glove with a fixed liner?

No, we don’t believe that gloves with fixed liners are suitable. There may come a time where you don’t need multiple layers and want to remove the inner lining. You can do that if the glove doesn’t allow for it. This could lead to excess sweat, which is hard to dissipate because of all the layers.

Removable liners in gloves isn’t a perfect science, though. They can be hard to get back into the shell, especially at the finger level. Those with sweat issues may find even more problems getting this taken care of. Still, many of the gloves we have reviewed today take that into consideration and design the glove so that the liner doesn’t get stuck. It’s a good idea to try the glove on, remove the lining, put it back in, and try the glove on again. That way, you know it is going to provide dexterity and be comfortable.

How do I care for my leather ski gloves?

When you buy leather, you know you’re getting something high-quality. Still, the glove must be taken care of to ensure that they last a long time. You should condition each glove when you notice that they are dry. Often, this only happens once or twice a season. As the glove absorbs moisture, it is going to dry out with time. Just take a clean rag and apply a little conditioner, rubbing it in completely.

It is possible to find a leather sealer and conditioner. When you buy an all-in-one product, you get a waterproofing and conditioning product.


The best gloves for skiing includes a variety of top brands. However, it’s important to choose gloves that are designed for your stature. Men’s and women’s gloves differ in a lot of ways. We think the best ski gloves for women could include any of the ones on the list. We prefer Gore-Tex, but the ultimate test is if they ensure that they are warm. The Burton Gore-Tex gloves also come as mittens, so they work well regardless of your needs.

Of course, the best ski gloves for men can include Black Diamond and others. It’s best to ensure that they are water-resistant, have a Gore-Tex insert, and keep your hands toasty. Of course, the Black Diamond brand is a gauntlet style glove with a goat leather shell. Men who have cold hands are sure to like Black Diamond, though other options are available, as you can see from the list. Men on a budget might prefer Outdoor Research, which also has a nice pair of gloves available.

To conclude, we offered a buyer’s guide to help you learn how to pick the right gloves. As you ski down the slopes, keep the hands warm so that you can play all day.

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