It Is almost October, so you know what that means! It’s time to drag our ski equipment out of the garage or underneath the bed and prepare it for winter 2020! yes, I know that there is a horrible virus raging across the world, but I plan to take every precaution I can to ski this winter. I just can’t wait until next winter season. I love skiing so much that I sometimes dream about skiing over mountains that are so tall that they reach space. Every time I view a picture of somebody skiing or even just a mountaintop topped with beautiful fresh now, I have to hold all of my emotions back. Skiing is my life and my soul, and I cannot wait. I may sound dramatic, but I know that thousands of skiers feel the same way I do. Nothing will stop them from getting on that chair lift and zooming up to the top of their favorite mountain. Another part of winter that I love and can do while I am waiting for the skiing season is to shop. Of course, when I say shop, I mean shopping for ski clothing. Ski clothing is difficult to test because you need to be in cold temperatures to see if the clothing will keep you warm. But most retail stores don’t have Sub-Zero rooms. So if you want to buy a jacket, you have to read all the reviews and decide for yourself. So that’s what I did this summer. I checked out the best men’s ski jacket and the best women’s ski jacket that will come out in 2020.

A well-made and durable ski jacket is one of the most important pictures of clothing a skier can own. Long ago, ski jackets and snow jackets were extremely bulky, heavy, and required several layers to keep a person warm. But that was long ago. In this new wonderful day and age, we have tons of different materials and new fabrics and stitching methods to form a lightweight and comfortable jacket that looks as thin as a regular lightweight sweater but keeps you perfectly warm. 

Best Ski Jackets

But that’s not all that has improved when it comes to winter ski clothing. A hundred or so years ago, women were not allowed to ski. The reason why is unknown, and I cannot find it with my research. Many women had to fight for their place on the slopes. Jeez, it seems like every single activity only allowed men to participate and not women. Is there any activity that women were allowed to when it first began? I could write ten papers on such a subject, but that is not the topic of this article. Luckily, those periods are long gone, and now women are embraced on the slopes. 

If someone is rude or sexist, it is because that person is already rude and sexist, and it’s not because of the environment of the skiing world Or how women who ski are regarded. Because women are allowed to ski, there are plenty of useful skiing items and equipment that cater to their needs. You’ll even find whole websites dedicated to helping women find exactly what they mean to empower them on the slopes. I’ve even written some articles myself to help women. And I’ll do it again too! In this article, you will learn the best-fitted ski jacket women and the features that many jackets offer. But that is not all that this article is about. This article was also written to help men find the perfect jacket for them. Other articles around the internet feature ski jackets from years long ago, and sometimes they’re no longer available, but I always enjoy writing about the most recent years. The closer the year is to the present time, the better and more advanced ski clothes become. 

Why Do Men And Women Need Different Ski Jackets?

Some people may say that it is sexist to have different clothes for men and different clothes for women, but I disagree. There is a need to have clothing, both separated and tailored for each gender. And it has more to do with just their size.

Yes, men are indeed naturally bigger and larger than women. That is a fact. You definitely would not want to give a pair of skis tailored for a 250 lb man to weigh 120 lb woman. But it has more to do with than just the difference in size. Men and women’s bodies are built differently. If both genders were the same height, people would see their differences a lot easier. But height is one of the most notable differences, so it tends to steal everyone’s attention, and they don’t focus on all the other differences.


One major difference between ski jackets made for men and ski jackets made for women is the difference in their wrists. It may be a minute detail, but it is significant. Men and women have differently shaped wrists. Women have wrists that are much more round then men’s wrists. You may not notice it because men tend to have bigger bodies than women, so you cannot see that they do not have round wrists. So if a woman wears a jacket that is built for a man that is her same size, she will feel a small tug on her wrist as it is not made for her. And vice versa. This is important because many jacket brands add a drawstring to tie off the open hole at the end of the sleeve. This is essential because the hands and arms are better protected from the cold.

Another difference between men and women’s clothing and their ski jackets is the size of their neck holes. But this gender size difference has nothing to do with height. If you take a man and a woman who are the same size and measure their necks, the man’s neck will have a larger diameter. So, women don’t need the neck holes of their ski jackets or sweaters and shirts to be as large as a man’s. Sometimes, men’s clothing even makes the neck holes of their top clothing too small. Have you ever seen an adult man wear a T-shirt, and the hem of the neckline is straining and twisting? That is because the man’s neck is too large.


And what about the price? A few years ago, a major study from a well-respected institution revealed that women’s products were more expensive than men’s products, even if the product was the same weight and had the same ingredients. So, does that same sexist standard occur in the ski clothing industry as well? Do women have to pony up more for their jackets than men do if they are wearing the same style jacket with the same materials and features? 

So far, it doesn’t look like that is an issue in this clothing industry. If anything, sometimes prices go up between each gender’s clothing because there is a different feature that the other genders jacket did not get or it is made of new material. So that’s good. The last thing that any woman needs to experience is monetary sexism whenever they want to practice their favorite sport.

Men and women need different jacket styles because of the way their bodies are shaped. So after learning about women and their jackets, you will learn about the best men’s ski jacket 2020. 

The Different Types of Jackets

There are four different types of ski jackets, and it’s jacket has its ideal environment to be used in. But I do request that you please not skim over this section. Learning about the different types of jackets may not sound useful now, but when you’re at the outdoor sports store, and you see a few terms that you’re not familiar with, you will wish you read this section. Remember, the more knowledge you gather, the better informed you’ll be, and the better decisions you’ll make.

Insulated ski jackets

The first type of jacket is called an insulated jacket.  Now, that does not mean that all ski jackets besides the insulated jacket do not have insulation and will not keep you warm. Instead, the insulated jacket is meant to keep you warm. That’s its main feature. Insulated jackets are usually very heavy and don’t have many features like zipper pockets. They are usually made with down feathers. Down feathers are real goose or duck feathers plucked from the animal, washed and set, and stuffed into jackets designed for cold weather. Down feathers are extremely valuable and effective insulating material because the feathers themselves have thousands of little pockets that help capture the heat that your body produces. Insulated jackets tend to be very thick and puffy. 

Three in one ski jackets

The next jacket is the three in one jacket. This type of jacket is actually two or three unique jackets in one. There is the outside layer that is designed to protect the inner layers of your clothes from the winds and the rain. The inside layer is the actual layer that retains your heat and keeps you warm and comfortable. The reason this jacket is called a three-in-one jacket is that each layer can be worn by itself. If it is raining but not too cold, you can use the outside layer to protect you from the rain. If it is cold but not raining, you can use the inner layer as its own personal jacket.

Shell ski jackets

The next type of jacket is called the shell jacket. The shell jacket is not designed to keep you warm. Its main purpose is to protect you from the environment. When you wear a shell jacket, it feels a lot like wearing a rain jacket. You can wear a shell jacket while you ski, but you have to wear some heat-retaining clothes underneath it, or you will not be protected against the cold.

Softshell ski jackets

The last jacket on this list is the Softshell jacket. It is the opposite of a shell jacket because it is designed to retain warmth and look cool, but it is not completely waterproof. At most, softshell jackets are water-resistant, but if you are caught in a rainstorm, the rain will soak through the jacket within minutes. Softshell jackets are very comfortable and are much more stylish than shell jackets.

Features To Consider In A Ski jacket.

Now that you know the styles of ski jackets you can purchase, it’s time to start prepping for your first purchase. Below are some great features that many different ski jackets have. So take a look and see which features are most important to you.


When you wear a long sleeve sweater or shirt, does it ever irritate you when you slide your arm into a jacket sleeve, and the underlayer sleeve rolls up all the way to your armpits? It definitely does when it happens to me. But when two fabrics rub against each other, one is bound to bunch up. So that is why some jacket brands have included thumb cuffs at the end of their sleeves. When you wear a ski jacket with a thumb cuff, just slide your thumb into the holes of the thumb cuff, and you can add any type of top layer you like, and the sleeve will not roll down.

Heat Retention

This is an essential feature for many different ski jackets. There is no way you can enjoy skiing and The Great Outdoors during the wintertime if you developed frostbite from the cold. When you choose a jacket, make sure to choose ones that retain your body heat, but it will not leave you panting and sweaty. There are many different fabrics that keep the heat inside the jacket, so it should not be too hard to find a ski jacket that keeps you warm. If you buy a shell jacket with no inside liner, you can simply add under layers underneath the shell jacket, and you can still wear it out.


Nothing will ruin your ski session more than using a patch of moisture on your pants, coming through your boots, or soaking through your back. If heat and insulation are the most important factors in a ski jacket, waterproof fabric is the second most important. Watch out because many jackets are not completely waterproof. Instead, they are water-resistant, which is a step down from waterproof. Water-resistant fabric can handle a bit of rain or a little bit of snowfall. But if you plan on snowing in heavy snowfall, then a waterproof jacket is much better.


The wind is known to lower a person’s body temperature if they are not protected from it. And howling winds make skiing more dangerous too. Not only that, if your body is constantly exposed to the wind, your skin becomes dry, and it will start to crack. If you have never felt cracked skin, it is like a cut on your face that freezes. Cracked skin is extremely painful and often takes weeks to heal. Have you ever seen those documentaries about the Arctic? In those documentaries, they usually have people whose lips are unprotected and exposed to the cold. As a result, the skin on their lips is cracked and peeling. That is what happens when a person is exposed to the wind.


A well-made ski jacket needs to last you a long time. A normal non-ski jacket will last a while, but not if it is exposed to harsh environments. Ski jackets are meant to protect the wearer from freezing temperatures and rough terrain. They need to be able to last at least several winters for the buyer to get their money’s worth. And if you take a hard fall and crash into the ground, the jacket should not rip. But it’s not just environmental damage that could damage a jacket. The movement of the skier wears the fabric down as well. Since a skier has to propel themselves forward with ski poles, it is common for the seams around the armpit to wear down. But a ski jacket needs to have reinforced material in that area, so this does not happen.

The Best Ski Jackets For Men And Women

Skyward from all over the internet, here are the best ski jackets for men and women that debuted in the year 2020. This entire year may be a dumpster fire, but these ski jackets sure aren’t. So if you’re looking for a great ski jacket for you and your love, then look down below and see which jackets catch your eye.


The Best Fitted Ski jacket Men’s

Andorra Men’s Performance Insulated Ski Jacket with Zip-Off Hood

Andorra Men’s Performance Insulated Ski Jacket with Zip-Off Hood

After looking at dozens and dozens of jackets to find the perfect one for you, all of the products tend to blur together. That is, until you come across the Andorra’s men’s performance Ski jacket. This jacket looks like it was made for competition and rivalries. Not only are the seams 100% waterproof, but so are the zippers on the front of the jacket and the pockets. You can adjust the cuffs and make them tighter or looser, and you can do so with the bottom hem as well. The fit is relaxed but not too bad she, and you’ll be happy to know that this jacket is completely machine washable. No scrubbing the armpit fabric in the sink for you! With all of these different features at your disposal and it’s unbelievably high rating on Amazon, it is no wonder why this jacket is the best men’s ski shell jacket. This amazing jacket comes in eight different color schemes and is available in sizes extra small to extra extra large. 

The Best Men’s Ski Jacket 2020

The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket

The North Face Men’s Resolve Waterproof Jacket

This jacket item may be one of the least expensive jackets on the list, but that doesn’t mean it is poorly made. The North Face Men’s waterproof jacket is built to provide you with everything you need to stay out on the slopes. The fabrics for this jacket are mesh, nylon, and polyester, so it can retain as much heat as possible to keep you warm, but you won’t be a sweaty mess because the fabric is also breathable. It is 100% waterproof, and it comes with a hood as well, so you can protect your helmet and hair from the rain. What if you do not need the hood? You can roll it away into the collar. With over 29 colors and schemes to choose from, there’s no way you won’t be able to find a jacket in a color that perfectly matches the rest of your clothes. If you are a little on the bitter side, this may be the jacket for you because it comes in sizes of extra small to extra extra extra large. 


The Best Women’s Ski Jacket 2020 

Wantdo Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

Wantdo Women’s Mountain Waterproof Ski Jacket

If you asked yourself, “What is the best women’s ski jacket?” you now know the answer. There are many jackets out there, especially in the women’s section, that look looks like a blind person design them. The colors don’t match, the features are all over the place, and there are no pockets! But this is not that jacket. This jacket was made to make any person who wears it look like a million dollars. My favorite aspect of this ski jacket is that it is not puffy at all. It is sleep and presses against your body, but it will keep you completely warm and toasty while you ski in Sub-Zero temperatures. Many women’s clothes, whether it’s winter clothes or regular clothes, have the fatal flaw of not having any pockets. Or it has pockets that are so small that nothing can fit in them. But any woman who loves the precious pocket space will love this jacket. It has five deep pockets so you can keep your essential items with you.

This jacket model comes in 12 fabulous colors and the sizes available are from extra small to extra extra large. 

The Best Fitted Ski Jacket Women

CAMEL CROWN Women’s Mountain Snow Waterproof Ski Jacket

CAMEL CROWN Women’s Mountain Snow Waterproof Ski Jacket

If you have the type of body that the players fitted clothes and clothes that run small, then this is the jacket for you. The inside of this jacket has a wonderful cotton lining that retains your body heat and directs it back at you. On the outside, the shell of this jacket is 100% waterproof, and you will never feel the wind blowing through the fabric or the seams. It comes with five different pockets, which are also waterproof and have zippers. The best thing about Camel Crown is that it is made to be durable. The polymer fabric that keeps out the rain is also scratch and snag resistant. You never have to worry about rips and tears forming without your knowledge if you wear this jacket. This beautiful jacket comes in 18 different matte colors. The sizes this jacket is available in are small to extra extra extra large.


A superb jacket that fits your body and your needs takes a long time to find. But don’t give up. Try to search through every winter store you can. You will visit multiple stores to find one that fits you and can keep you warm but not sweaty. If you need help finding a jacket, you can always ask someone in a winter sports store. Many people who work at this Type of establishment enjoy Outdoor Sports in winter sports as well. Many do not do it just because it is a hobby. They do it because skiing and other winter sports add something to their lives that they cannot get anywhere else. Now that is true dedication. Another piece of wisdom I want to give you is that you should test your ski jackets in the cold weather before you take your first ski trip. The last thing you want to do is wear a ski jacket that you end up not liking but then cannot return because it’s already been used in the snow. If you go to a wealthy area, sometimes outdoor sports stores will have a cold room where you can test winter clothes in temperature is less than 40 degrees. The cold room is helpful, but they are rare. So if you find yourself in the area where there is a sports store that has a cold room, you should try it out.

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Harry has been skiing and snowboarding since he was a boy growing up outside of Denver Colorado. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college a UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.