Apart from the love of feeling the wind in my hair and freezing temperatures as it nips at my nose, I love all the accessories that come with skiing. Fifty years ago, there weren’t as many small specialized items that made skiing more enjoyable. But now, with advanced technology and better construction and more materials, there are dozens of pieces of equipment that can make your ski experience better. Right now, I’m currently searching for a very unusual piece of equipment. They are suspenders for ski pants. You may think that’s strange, and I’m not going to lie, I did too. But ski pants suspenders are great accessories to have while you’re skiing on the slopes. Once I looked them up and researched them a bit, I realized that I could have used ski suspenders while skiing. They have several significant benefits that I never even thought about. So keep on scrolling and reading if you want to learn about the best suspenders for ski pants.

Let’s Talk About Ski Suspenders!

The ski suspenders that are made for ski pants are not much different from regular suspenders. They clamp onto your pants from the back and front. The suspenders run up your back and come down the other side of your body. Like regular suspenders, they are made to hold your pants in the upright position. 

Suspenders do not let your pants fall, no matter how you move. Suspenders have been around since at least the 19th century, but they sold in a fashion when wedding suits in public started to go by the wayside. This was in the 60s. Suspenders are still around, and you can wear them with any outfit, but they are definitely a clothing item that most people in the world no longer think about. However, sometimes you can see older men wearing suspenders when they take off their business coats and jackets.

However, for a time, hipsters actually brought suspenders back into fashion. This is because most hipster outfits make men look like a beautiful lumberjack, and lumberjacks are sometimes depicted with suspenders. At least, that’s my reasoning. The Hipster movement was wild.

Note: if you purchase ski pants suspenders and they make your back hurt, do not use them. Well-fitting suspenders are not supposed to cause you any back, neck, or shoulder pain. The suspender should be tight enough to keep your pants high and in the same position but not so tight that you develop red marks on your shoulders.

Why Use Ski Suspenders

Whether you wear regular suspenders recipe suspenders, there are definitely a few great benefits to doing so. No matter the clothes you wear, it is very annoying to fidget with them because they don’t fit correctly. This happens to men and women, and especially children. But ski suspenders can help with this issue.

Keep the snow out of your pants.

When was the last time your friend pranked you by dropping an ice cube into your pants? Even if it was such a long time ago, you remember that soul shocking sensation. Sometimes I don’t know which is worse, an ice cube down your pants or an ice cube down your shirt. But at least it is just one Ice cube. When you start skiing, you’re going to take a few tumbles and falls. And when you fall, it is highly likely that your jacket will slide up your back and expose the top of your pants to the cold. Once the top of your pants is exposed, the snow can slide into your pants from the top. But this won’t happen if you were ski suspenders. The suspenders will prevent the clothing on your jacket from gathering up on your body, which will prevent your delicate skin from being exposed to the cold. And if your clothes stay in place, then the snow can’t fall into your pants.

Won’t have to pull up pants

When you ski, you must put your body in different positions and postures to perform certain tricks, build up speed, etc. Also, when you do certain movements and tricks, you have to move quickly. All of this motion will make your clothes move and twist along with you. Now, if you have perfectly tailored clothing that fits every part of your body like a glove, then you won’t have to worry about your pants, shirts, or other undergarments moving and changing positions. But for the regular normal people who make less than a million dollars a year, all of this movement will inevitably cause our clothes to gather and bunch up in uncomfortable spots on our body. However, if you wear ski suspenders, your clothing is less likely to move around. Ski suspenders don’t just hold your pants in place. It also keeps your shirts and undergarments in place.

Help keep your back straight.

One of the most important skills to a skier or a snowboarder is posture. If a skier has bad posture, they’re likely to injure themselves, and they won’t be able to perform certain movements and tricks. But wearing ski suspenders can help a skier develop good posture because it will keep their back straight. When a person wears suspenders, they are far more likely to notice when their back is not straight. This is because the ropes on the suspenders go limp if you’re not in the right position. So if your posture is too forward, the suspenders’ straps on the front of your body will not be tight. And if your posture is too far back, the one rope in the middle of your back along your spine will go slack.

New fashion accessory

The fashion world has definitely had a major influence on ski clothing. Nowadays, there are many wonderful and creative designs and patterns on ski clothing. Gone are the days of tiresome and dull single solid color jackets and pants. And I say good riddance to those days. Plus, there are many more different accessories; far more than there used to be even two decades ago. A skier who is fashion minded can coordinate all of their skiing outfits with many pieces of clothing and accessories. Now add suspenders to that list of accessories. It doesn’t matter if you cannot see your ski suspenders underneath your ski jacket or ski coat. You will know what color your suspenders are. Plus, when you return back to your car or your hotel or lodge, you can throw off your jacket and show the world that you’re bringing suspenders back into fashion.

What Can I Wear Ski Suspenders With?

Although many people believe that ski suspenders of any kind are old-fashioned and don’t belong in the modern outfit. Suspenders can be worn with any bottom clothing except a dress. There are even some suspenders that can be attached to a skirt. Don’t be fooled into thinking that suspenders are a man only product. Women of all sizes can wear suspenders too. But if a woman wants to wear a ski suspender, it would be best to find one that was designed for women. Because women have breasts, it might be uncomfortable if they wear men’s suspenders. Women need to find suspenders that can accommodate their breasts and not squeeze on their chest while moving around on the snow.

So if you are thinking of wearing ski suspenders, you should know that they can be worn with any type of ski pants. Ski suspenders go underneath your clothes. You don’t have to fret about color coordinating them with the rest of your outfit. This is one of the better aspects of wearing ski suspenders since they come in odd colors. Most ski suspenders are black or gray, but some companies manufacture their suspenders in hot pink and lime green. But as I said, you won’t have to worry about what color your suspenders are. As you choose a suspender to wear, you can mix and match your different jackets and pants and find a color scheme that is right for you. Just make sure that your pants and jacket are not too dark or too light, and other skiers and snowboarders can see you when you’re out on trails and on the slopes.

Features To Look For

Now that you know what people use ski suspenders for and the many benefits that come from wearing them, it’s time to search for some of your own! Here is a list of important features a well-made suspender should have.


Suspenders of any kind should not be normal pieces of fabric. The material that makes up a suspended must be stretchy and return to its smaller size when not in use. Do not purchase suspenders that are only adjustable but not elastic. All of your movements will cause the non-elastic suspenders to stretch, which means you will have to readjust your ski suspenders. Having to readjust your suspenders negates the reason for having suspended in the first place. It is supposed to keep your pants from falling and your shirt in position without much fuss.

Rustproof clamps

This is a small but very important detail. In case you are ski suspenders exposed to the snow or become wet, you don’t want them to rust over. Most suspender clasps are made with plastic or stainless steel, so you most likely will not have this problem. It is just a feature that I want to point out.


Along with the elasticity, your suspenders need to be adjustable. Most suspenders come in one size. So, they need to be adjustable to fit your body. Suspenders of any kind should not be loose at all. If your suspenders are loose and you’ve already Augustine them as much as possible, then you should not use those suspenders. If you are very short, look for suspenders that are made for small people. Since they go over your back, people with long backs are more likely to find suspenders that fit them than people with short backs.

Easy to wash

Washing all of your ski equipment can be quite a pain, and you don’t want to add even more work to your cleaning rotation. But ski suspenders must be cleaned as well. Since they are small and are not made of that much fabric, it should be very easy to clean them. If your suspenders are made with metal, the manufacturer may tell you not to place them in the washer. They may need to be hand-washed. However, it completely depends on the cleaning instructions given by the brand. So make sure you check how to clean your ski suspenders before you purchase them if you do not like clothes that need to be hand-washed.

The Best Suspenders For Ski Pants

American made Ski-Ups X-back Suspenders

American made Ski-Ups X-back Suspenders

Strong, reliable, and seeds look like old-fashioned suspenders, American skips X-Pac suspender is great for people who just want a well-made product. They are made with plastic clasps letter designs to hold firm and not slip off. They’re made to be water-resistant, so if they accidentally come into contact with water, they won’t end up soaked. On the back of these suspenders, there is a small leather cross that connects both suspender ropes together. It should sit nicely in the high middle of your back. The American x-back suspenders are made to be adjustable, but they’re also elastic and are made with a poly blend. These suspenders are not machine washable and can only be washed by hand. To dry them, you must leave them on the line and allow them to drip-dry. 



If you are someone with wide broad shoulders and a broad back, then you will enjoy these hold him suspenders by Dakine. The thick elastic and adjustable straps will keep your clothes and pants where they should be, so you don’t need to fiddle with your clothes every time you make an odd move. Even snowboarders can use these suspenders to keep their clothes where they need to be. The Hold ’em suspenders are made of high-quality fabric, and the straps are 1 and 1/2 inches wide. The front can be adjusted as well as the back. If you purchase these suspenders and break or rip, you will not have to purchase a new one. It comes with a two-year warranty so they can be replaced by the brand themselves, which won’t cost you a dime. Some reviewers say that the pants hold two layers of pants well but cannot handle three layers. So you will just want to wear your ski pants and a single layer of thermals.

Decalen Men’s Suspenders

Decalen Men’s Suspenders

If you’re the type of all-mountain skier who loves a lot of variety in their clothes, then these men’s suspenders are just the suspenders for you. They are one-size-fits-all, and the front two straps are completely adjustable. They should be able to fit any man, no matter what their height is. The clips attached to your pants are made of metal, so your clothes are guaranteed to stay exactly where they are. Unlike the other two suspenders from above, these suspenders have a y shape connection instead of an X shape. Because they are made in Europe, these suspenders are made from high-quality material that you can trust. The Decalen men’s ski suspenders have three clasps: one clasp for the back of your pants and two clasps that go over your shoulders and attach to the front of your pants are available in many different colors: orange and black, red and black, blue and black, gray and black, and much more.

Holdup Suspender 2” Wide Black X-back

Holdup Suspender 2” Wide Black X-back

When an item is made with high-quality materials and excellent design, it just shows. And the Hold-up Xback suspenders is just that type of product. Made in the US, are constructed with a blended material of polyester and cotton. This fabric ensures that the straps of the suspender are stretchy but not fragile. The back of the suspenders for the two traps meat is made from genuine leather. The cross patch has the company logo on it. The straps are quite wide, as they are in Lacrosse. Only people with broad shoulders should wear these suspenders. Even the reviews say that they can accommodate skiers who are 6 foot 6inches tall.


So there you have it, the best suspenders and the many features and benefits of using them. I’ve been using mine ski suspenders for nearly three months now, and I love it. My pants don’t move, and the slack from the suspender ropes let me know if I’m leaning too back or too forward. It really is a game-changer when it comes to comfort. I don’t have to readjust my clothing every 10 minutes, that’s for sure. So if you are interested in ski suspenders, I encourage you to purchase one for yourself and try them out. And don’t forget to color coordinate them with your clothes. My ski suspenders match my boots.

Harry Sowers

Harry has been skiing and snowboarding since he was a boy growing up outside of Denver Colorado. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college a UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.