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Volkl 2021 M5 Mantra Skis (177)
Rossignol React R8 HP/NX 12 GW Ski Package Mens Sz 177cm Black/Yellow
Line Sick Day 88 Ski's (172)
Volkl 2021 M5 Mantra Skis (177)
Rossignol React R8 HP/NX 12 GW Ski Package Mens Sz 177cm Black/Yellow
Line Sick Day 88 Ski's (172)
Price not available
Price not available
Price not available
Volkl 2021 M5 Mantra Skis (177)
Volkl 2021 M5 Mantra Skis (177)
Price not available
Rossignol React R8 HP/NX 12 GW Ski Package Mens Sz 177cm Black/Yellow
Rossignol React R8 HP/NX 12 GW Ski Package Mens Sz 177cm Black/Yellow
Price not available
Line Sick Day 88 Ski's (172)
Line Sick Day 88 Ski's (172)
Price not available

If you have been skiing as long as I have, it sometimes feels like the list of skiing techniques you need to master to hit the advanced levels keeps growing and growing. And somewhere in the middle of being an intermediate skier, it almost feels like you’re never going to reach the advanced stage. The beginning stages are all about learning brand new foundational techniques and routines. Sure, there are some techniques that you learned while you are intermediate. But intermediate means that you have learned all of the fundamental skiing techniques from your beginning stage, now you must master them and learn to combine them. But do not grow tired of doing the same thing over and over again. There are so many different ways to entertain yourself while skiing that you have to be a literal gray rock not to have fun every time you go on the slopes. One way that I am aiming to improve my skiing abilities is to learn all about carving. So I started looking it up, and it turns out that I need carving skis! Well, time for me to go on a shopping spree! But before I went shopping, I did some research on the best carving skis.

What Is Carving?

There are many different methods of skiing that a skier can practice and master. All-Mountain skiing is the most popular type of skiing, and it is widely practiced worldwide. Cross country skiing involves skiing and walking in your skis for miles and miles up and down mountainsides and cliffs. And for those who love to break the rules, freestyle skiing is just the style for you. Freestyle skiing allows you to do whatever you desire when doing wild tricks and turns on different pieces of solid equipment and in the air and ramps. 

But what makes carving so appealing? What’s so great about turning your skis, and do I need a pair of carving skis that are completely built just for turning? 

The first thing that makes carving and carved turns appealing is just how you glide through the snow. There’s much less resistance when it comes to carving turns. That is because instead of your entire ski sliding down on the snow, it is just the sides of your ski that are touching the snow. 

Since there is much less rough surface area to cause friction and resistance, You are more likely to turn faster, and the ride is less bumpy if you understand how to keep your balance. Most skaters have to slow down when they turn to keep their balance. But if you practice carving and carve turns until you perfect them, you will not have to slow down. This comes to my second reason why you need to practice carving.

The second reason you should dedicate a portion of your skiing time learning about carving is to make you a faster skier. Since you don’t have to slow down during turns, you can leave your racing competitors in the dust; I mean snow. Carving teaches a skier to use the edges of their skis and not the full complete base of their ski To make fast turns. And considering you have to use the very thin edges of your skis, you’ll learn how to balance yourself better. 

Why Do I Need a Carving Ski?

So now you know why you should practice carving and carved turns. It’ll make you a faster skier, and it will also make you a more precise one. But do you really need skis that are designed specifically for turns? You know that you will go faster, but I bet you’re wondering if you should purchase a pair of skis built for turning. Will it be worth it? If you want to perform beautifully almost choreographed carved ski turns, you will definitely need a carving ski. Have you ever seen a skier perform a perfectly educated carves turn? Like I said before, it looks like the skiers practically gliding on the snow. No effort is needed, and no energy is lost while performing a carved turn. If you don’t believe me, go on YouTube and look up videos about carving, and you will see just what I mean.

The way a carving skier moves through snow is all thanks to specialized carving skis. Sure, you can perform a card turn in other types of skis, but carving skis are made specifically for it. When you perform a carved turn, the front end of your skis is gliding on top of the snow, but the back end of your skis should be raised slightly off the snow. 

Now there is two way you can execute this. You can buy a specialized carving ski designed specifically for turns. This will be the most advantageous option, but it will also be more expensive. Or you can buy a high-quality pair of all-mountain skis. All-mountain skis are practically carving skis in almost every way. All you need is to search for a pair of all-mountain skis that are thin because carving skis should be thin.

What Is A Groomed Run?

A groom slope is a slope or trail on a mountainside or in a major skiing area that is maintained through grooming. Several large grooming machines compact and rearrange the snow every night after the skiers depart from the area. 

When a skier practices on slopes that are groomed, skis are easy to control while balancing on edge or on the entire base. Groom slopes are also very aesthetically pleasing to look at, and grooming the area helps rangers and those who work in ski resorts and skiing areas know where to add extra snow with their snow cannons.

I’m teaching you about groomed slopes because carving skis and carving skiers do best on them. The snow is perfectly manicured and maintained, unlike natural trails and off-piste skiing areas. Some people say that it is the next best thing after skiing in fresh pow. Now that is a pretty big compliment as most skiers love brand new fresh snow.

Best Features For Carving Skis

You need to look for a few features when you were choosing your first pair of carving skis. It’s not much different from other skis types, but you will have to look for stability and good energy transfer.


Skis design for carving and carved turns me to have a high flex rating. You don’t want your skis to bend and wobble while you are making a carved turn at an incredibly fast speed. Even the slightest bend or wobble can spell disaster for you. if you are a beginner, then you might not do so well with a ski that has a high flex rating, but it is something that you have to train up to

Retains momentum when shifting to edges

You will ski and travel up and down the slopes and mountaintops. As you do so, you will switch between skiing on your skis edges and skiing on your bases. When you shift from basa Edge, you should not notice a significant drop in your speed. Carving skis need to transfer your energy and momentum from your ski bases to the edges of your skis.


Traveling with ski equipment is already difficult. Not only do you have to keep all of your equipment altogether, but there is also a lot of equipment that you have to carry on your own person. So purchasing a pair of heavy skis will slow you down and cause you to have shoulder and arm pain. Watch out for your skis’ weight and test the weight to see if you can hold your skis for long periods of time. The heavier a pair of skis are, the more stable they will be. But that also means that they could slow your top speed.

The Best Carving Skis

Now, you must look at the best carving skis the internet has to offer. Take your time and research each type of ski thoroughly. It is smart to compare and contrast each ski, so you know how each one helps you in different ways.

Volkl Mantra M5

Volkl 2021 M5 Mantra Skis (177)
  • Volkl keeps up with the classics, there's no doubt about that. The 2021 Volkl M5 Mantra remains the

Created by one of the better brands in the skiing equipment world, you will be very satisfied with the performance of this Mantra ski. It is designed to practically make you float on top of the snow while providing you with some of the best and exact control. Because the tail end Friends of the skis let up and away from the ground, there is no drag to fight against. Many reviewers say that these skis help them stay agile while moving at fast speeds. The top and base of these skis are made from a multiple wood construction layer. Even though this ski is not small, it is designed to act as a small ski because of how the front and end lift off the ground. It only comes in one length, and it does not come with any bindings.


Rossignol React R8 HP/NX 12 GW Ski Package Mens Sz 177cm Black/Yellow
  • Hard Snow Precision - On-Trail Rocker profile balances instant turn initiation with explosive power and edge grip
  • Accessible Stability - LCT construction adapts our Line Control Technology for a more forgiving feel and reduces counter-flexing for confident control
  • Balanced flex, Full Power - Carbon Alloy Matrix creates a balance of flex, edge grip and vibration absorption for maximum power
  • Carving Power - Oversized sidecut delivers powerful carving performance
  • Quick Turn Entry and Exit - Flex TIp Technology enhances tip and tail engagement for easy turn entry and exit

You may be shocked by the price, but you’ll be twice as shocked by the performance of the HP React skis. Its base and front are made from light wood, so it is not heavy or too stiff. It has a bit of bounce, but the skis can provide heavy stability at fast speeds. This skis model is one of the best skis for carving groomers, and once you try them out, you will absolutely know why. The edges on this ski are large but thin. It comes with a pair of bindings specifically made for this ski, so you may not want to attach the one you currently use right now. It’s available lengths are 153, 163, and 170cm.

Line Sick Day 88 Skis Men’s

Line Sick Day 88 Ski's (172)
  • Weight (G/Ski): 1659
  • Flex Pattern: Directional
  • Sidecut Radius Avg (M): 17.4
  • Stance Back From Center (mm): -70
  • Ski Construction: Capwall

This skis pair is not as expensive as our first two skis, but don’t let that fool you. They’re just as capable as any other $500 to $700 skis. The core is made out of Aspenlight, and there is both a rise and a taper in the tip and the tail. The middle of the skis thins out considerably, while the tip and tail bulge out. The tips of these skis are thin, so you won’t have much resistance while shifting to your edges. It’s definitely one of the best skis available on the internet, but it only comes in one length of 179 cm.

How to Care For Your Skis

Once you purchase a great pair of carving skis for yourself, all you have to do is take care of them so your skis can last for many skiing seasons. To take care of your skis, there are two responsibilities that you must do. The old wax that remains on your skis after you are finished with your skiing session must be removed, and a new coat of wax must be applied. Second, you must learn to store your skis away properly at the end of the ski season.

How to remove old wax and apply a fresh new coat.

Remove and apply wax.

Most gears do not like to wax their skis as it is messy, and it takes a while to understand how to do it correctly. But you absolutely cannot skip out on waxing your skis. When the wax is added to a pair of skis, it keeps them moist and allows the skis to glide over soft and hard snow with ease. If you do not apply wax to your skis regularly, your skis will end up dry and brittle. The design on the top of your skis will also fade because nothing is protecting it from the environment and the sun’s rays. So now that you understand why you need wax on your skis, here’s how to remove the old wax on your skis. 

Here’s how to remove wax

Removing old wax from your skis is easy. All you need is a wax, a scraper, and a little elbow grease. Choose one of your skis and flip it over, so the ski base is pointing up. Take the scraper and start at one end of the ski And scrape any leftover wax off of the face. Removing wax does not take as long as applying wax because most of the wax already came off while you were skiing on the snow. Make sure to get the sides of the ski and the tips as well. When your scraper no longer scrapes off any old wax, dust off your entire ski and then wash your skis with ski cleaner and dry them thoroughly. Get ready to apply a shiny and brand new coat of wax.

How to apply wax on your skis

Now your skis are clean and fresh, it’s time to add a brand new fresh coat of wax to the base and sides of your skis. The first thing you have to do is plug in your wax iron and allow it to warm up. Put it on the lowest setting if you are not sure which setting will melt the wax. If you do, then set it to that setting. Allow the wax iron to heat up, which may take a few minutes.

Just as before, turn over your skis so that the base is pointing upwards towards the ceiling. Make sure your ski’s bases are clean, and there’s no splinters or dirt on it. Now take the wax designed for the temperature of the area where you usually ski and grab the heated black iron. Walk to the end of one of the skis and place the wax iron and the wax over the base. Press the block of wax onto the wax iron and watch as it drips down onto the ski. When it starts dripping, slowly move down this key until you reach the other side.

You should not have to coat the entire ski in hot wax. All you need is a small trail of wax that runs across the ski. Do not add the wax to both of the skis at the same time. Just add wax to one of the skis, and when you are done with that ski, then you will add wax to the other. When you are done dripping wax onto the ski, go back to the side of the ski that you started on and now press the wax iron onto the base. The wax that is under the iron should spread out and reach the edges and corners. Once again, slowly drag the hot iron down the ski while maintaining a balanced and firm grip. The wax underneath the iron will spread out an even coat on the base of the ski. If wax begins to drip off the side of the ski, don’t worry about it. Continue spreading the wax with the iron until you reach the very end of the ski. Now that you are done with the ski, leave it alone for about an hour. The ski needs to cool after it is treated with the wax iron. While you are waiting, you can do the same for the other ski.

When both skis have completely cooled, take a wax paper and scrape off all the excess wax on the base and on its sides and edges. You will know you are done when the scraper is no longer scraping off wax. Then take a brush and brush off any small wax dust stuck to the base and the sides. Once you’re finished with the other ski, you’re all done, and they can be stored away for later use.

How to store skis for the summer

The first thing you must know about storing your skis away for the summer is that you cannot store them in an area that becomes humid during the day or the night. Humidity will work your skis, even if they are not made of wood. Also, you should always store your skis away after they have been tuned and waxed. Before you store your skis away, unscrew the nails of the bindings. You don’t have to completely remove the bindings, just loosen the nails that hold them to the skis.

To store your skis away safely, you will need a ski storage bag. These are heavy-duty bags, and they don’t allow the environment in the room where you are storing your skis to affect what is inside the bag. When your skis are tuned, place them in the bag with any other clean and prepped skiing equipment. It is an excellent idea to store all of your ski equipment together so you can retrieve your equipment quickly when the first snow falls. 


Turning may not be a wild and crazy skiing technique that is sure to wow your friends and family, but is definitely a technique you need to master. Imagine yourself in the future, performing beautiful and swift turns while moving at top speeds. No matter where you go, you’ll leave competitors in the dust. That dream can become a reality as long as you practice your turn. But you can never go faster than you are prepared for. You need to know about moving at fast speeds because it takes longer for you to slow down and stop safely. Many skiers do not register that they need to slow their speeds down at a far distance that they think. But they never forget that rule after the first time they run face-first into a rock or a tree. So build up your speed and stability slowly. When you are practicing, be sure to wear all of the necessary ski equipment that you need. Now is not the time to leave off your ski helmet to look cool. You’re on a pair of skis in the middle of a snowy slope. You’re already cool!


Harry Sowers

Harry grew up outside of Denver Colorado and has been skiing and snowboarding since he was 3. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college at UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.