Best Snowboard Boots For Men

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Men’s Snowboard Boots

Going wild on the slopes and trails of snow-covered mountains is so unbelievably fun, but if you’re not wearing the right pair of boots, it could end badly for you. By wearing the right pair of boots, your heel and ankle are supported, and your weight is distributed evenly throughout the boot and the snowboard. The heat that radiates out from your foot is trapped in the boot, so your foot, especially your toes, are always warm. Without this critical support, you could have terrible posture, which could mess up your coordination. You can end up injuring yourself. But there are so many different best snowboard boots men online and in winter sports stores, how is a snowboarder supposed to know what to buy? That is what I will address in this in-depth guide on the best men’s snowboard boots.

The Complete In-Depth Guide To The Best Snowboard Boots For Men.

All right, it’s time to get down to business. To find the best snowboarding boots for you, there are few things we have to assess about the type of snowboarding that you do and the style of boots that you want. Finding a good snowboard boot is complex, but you should not buy just any boot. There are several different features within boots that make it good for one snowboarding style and bad for another. If you purchase a stiff boot, you’re going to have a hard time performing tricks, and a soft boot will make you unstable while you’re trying to build up speed.

The Riding Styles Of Men’s Snowboard Boots

Riding Style

First, you must know what type of snowboard riding you do. Different styles of snowboarding require different levels of support or flex from certain snowboard boots. We’ll get into the flexibility of a boot later, but for now, read the description below and identify the one riding style that fits you best.


Freestyle Riders love soaring through the air and coordinating death-defying stunts. This type of riding style requires boots that can quickly respond to the movements of the snowboarder’s feet. The boots for freestyle writing tend to be either soft or medium-soft.

All Mountain

The most popular type of riding style, all Mountain riders, can cover various terrains and even perform tricks. These boots are not a specialized type of boots. They’re more like general boots that can handle a little bit of everything. One quick thing to note is if you plan on speed riding, you should get the most supportive boot for you, not a general boot that only offers a little bit of support. All-Mountain boots typically have a medium flex rate and are preferred by most intermediate snowboarders and casual but advanced skiers.


Snowboarders that embrace the freeriding style of snowboarding love to get off the beaten train and find their own special place through the backcountry and the wilderness. They will hike for hours to find secluded spaces where there is no one for miles so they can snowboard in peace.

Types Of Lacing

There are three types of lacing that can go on your best men’s snowboard boots. The traditional type of lacing which we are all familiar with because it is the same type of lacing that you find on a tennis shoe. The next one is speed lacing, which emphasizes convenience, and the last one is BOA lacing, which consists of both laces and a knob, which is a reinforcement device, so the laces never loosen or untie.

Traditional Laces

First, we will start with traditional leases. Like the laces on a tennis shoe, traditional laces are one large lace that is woven side to side in front of the boot’s tongue. One of the main benefits of using traditional laces is that the person who was wearing the boot can adjust the laces exactly to their liking. They can make it as tight or as loose as they need to be, plus, laces are cheap and easy to replace. All the wearer needs to do is buy more winter snow boot laces. But there are drawbacks to using these types of lacing. The biggest drawback is that the laces often come undone, and they have to be re-tied and readjusted throughout the day. This can be a major pain since you must remove your gloves to tie the laces. Taking off your gloves in Sub-Zero temperatures is unpleasant, and by the time you are done re-tying the laces, your fingers will start to hurt. 

Speed Lacing

Next, we have speed lacing. Designed to save time, speed lacing looks like traditional lacing, but there’s one major difference. Unlike traditional laces, where you have to tie and retie the laces when they get loose, in speed lacing, all you need to do is pull up on the lacing grip, and all of the laces around your foot tighten. You don’t have to remove your mittens or gloves and fiddle with the laces. One pull is all you need to fix any part of the lace that is loose. But it’s not all good news. What the speed lacing system gives you in ….well, speed, it takes away from customization. Compared to traditional laces, speed lacing uses much less lace, so you cannot loosen or tighten the lace in different places. 

A single or double BOA system

A BOA system has laces in your shoe in a traditional lace style, but there is a knob at the top of the boot’s tongue. This knob can pull the laces even tighter, so they never loosen or need to be re-tied. The knob can be twisted while wearing gloves.

If you have a pair of boots that have a double BOA lacing system, then there are two separate laces knobs on each boot, and they must be tightened individually. So there could be one lace for the flat part of your foot, and it can be another lace bound around the boot’s tongue. Even though a double lacing system is more expensive than a single lacing system, it gives you more freedom to adjust the laces however you like.

Never having to retie your boots is great, but if you accidentally damage the knob, you’ll have to replace it, and it is not cheap.

Flex Rating

Snowboard boots need to have a certain level of flexibility to support the snowboarder and their posture. But what is flexibility? The flexibility of a boot is determined by how much the snowboard can move their ankle when they try to lean forward in different positions. The flexibility of a boot is rated two ways: by soft, medium, stiff grades, and on a one to ten number scale.

Soft Flex

Boots that are made of soft flex material allow the wearer to have complete range of their foot. These boots are the most preferred type of boots for doing tricks and jumps and for freestyle snowboarding. Also, soft flex boots are the best boots for beginners because they don’t need to be broken in, and they have a higher degree of comfort. Another great reason why these boots are great for beginners is that every little movement a new snowboarder makes won’t be transferred to the board because of how soft they are. Soft Flex boots are more forgiving, especially when making mistakes. On a number grading scale, soft flex boots are rated from 1 to 4.

Medium Flex

Once a beginner no longer needs a soft Flex boot, they are far more likely to stick with the medium flex. Medium flex boots are the most common type of boot because they go best with all-mountain range. Most snowboarders are all Mountain snowboards. It is still very flexible, but it now has a bit of support. On a rating scale, a medium flex boot is rated from 4 to 7.

Stiff Flex

The most supportive and stable of the three boot flex types, stiff flex boots, are not for beginners. The wearer will not be able to move their foot from left to right because this type of boot directly transfers every single movement of the foot to the board. Unlike a beginner soft flex boot, stiff flex boots are not forgiving. This level of stiffness is for advanced snowboarders who like speed. On a number scale, the flex boots are somewhere between 7 and 10, but 7 may not be stiff enough for some snowboarding styles.

By choosing the correct stiffness for the type of snowboarding that you do, you’ll have better balance, more support when you make a turn, and your ankles will be stable, which will prevent injury.

More Features To Look For

Here are several other great features that you may consider when searching for your snowboard boots.


Many liners in snowboarding boots provide an extra layer of heat insulation, so your feet never feel cold. Another feature of a snowboard liner is that it makes silly snow boots easier to clean. If you are strapped for time, just clean the liner and pop it back into your boot.

Odor resistant

Spending hours and hours out in the snow sweating and burning energy is a wonderful feeling. However, this good feeling comes with some seriously bad odors. Even if the snow boot has a liner, you should also look for a liner with order resistance. You definitely do not want to have a smelly boot that you store in your ski bag with all your other equipment. Your boots will definitely stink up anything in that bag.

Easy-grip Handles

Stop taking off your mittens or gloves to put on your boots! When you purchase a boot designed with easy-grip handles, the handles are large enough to grasp onto and pull on while your hand is protected from the cold.

The Best Snowboard Boots For Men

If you are still confused about what boot to buy, then here are some amazing recommendations for you to consider. There are all different kinds of lacing styles, flex ratings, and riding styles below, so take some of your time and check all of the boots out and then read their reviews.

Burton Ion Boa Snowboard Boots 2021

Burton Ion Boa Snowboard Boots 2021

One of the most rugged boots on this list, the Burton BOA Boot, is a stiff flex boot designed to help you control your speed. It has a dual BOA lacing system so your laces will never loosen, and you can adjust both of the laces to be as loose or tight as you want them. If you have a thicker foot that is difficult to size for, the liner inside is made with lightweight material. It can perfectly mold to the shape of your foot without squeezing it. The flex on this boot is 8, so it is quite stiff and made for rocky terrain and snowboarding at high speeds. It is available in boot sizes 7 to 12. 

ThirtyTwo TM-Three Brighton Snowboard Boot – Men’s

ThirtyTwo TM-Three Brighton Snowboard Boot Men’s

Whoever designed this boot definitely had their coffee that morning. The boot has a military tech design, which is even more impressive because it comes in natural colors. It’s extremely durable because it has a Storm Shield weather seal to prevent rain and snow from entering the boot through the seam. These boots’ shell is reinforced, so areas that normally wear out quickly on other types of boots will stay strong. It has a soft flex rating, so it is perfect for freestyle and all-mountain writing.

One downside about these boots is that it will take a little while to break them in, which is unusual for soft flex boots.

Cost: unfortunately, I could not find out the price because these boots are sold out everywhere! They must be popular! If you need to learn more about these boots and possibly purchase them, you can message the company ThirtyTwo for more details. 

Men’s Snowboard Boots Foraker 300

Although this snowboard boots look plain and too simplistic, it makes up for its poor design by it’s extremely plush and lightweight cushioning. The material within the boot is 80% air, so it has some gift, and you don’t feel like you are standing on a cement brick. As an all-mountain terrain boot, the men’s Forester 300 was made with an excellent rubber grip on the outsole of the boot so you won’t slip or slide, no matter what kind of snow is on the ground. The cushioning is lightweight, but it has thermal insulation technology, so it protects your feet from the pulled ground and from the temperature in the air. It also has an easy to grip handle at the top of the cuff so you can slide your boots on without any hassle.

Men’s Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

Men’s Burton Ruler Snowboard Boot

If you want a supportive and stable boot that keeps the heat in and the wind out, then you have found the book for you. Designed with a medium flex and a speed lace design, this boot will keep you out on the slopes for hours and hours. Many reviews for this product say that you do not have to break the boots in at all. Just put them on and go!

3M created the heat insulation technology within this boot, and it is called Sleeping Bag technology, and it comes with a heat reflective coil that captures your body heat and keeps it around your foot. Also, Burton’s Ruler Boot is made from recycled materials, so you are not wasting precious environmental resources. The company that issues this boot has a one year warranty. You can receive a new pair of boots for free if it is damaged or it was poorly manufactured. 

Ride Deadbolt Boa Snowboard Boot – Men’s

Ride Deadbolt Boa Snowboard Boot Men’s

Last but not least, the Deadbolt BOA boot gets its name from its specially-designed system to prevent your heel from lifting. It is a very stable boot, so if you are an all-mountain rider who likes speed, then this might be the boot you need. The liner inside fights odors and quickly draws away sweat, so your socks stay cool and dry. Around the midsole, there is an extra foam blend material to improve the comfort of the boot. It also has a dual lacing system, and you can customize the tightness of the laces to whoever you like in different areas on the boot.

How To Clean Your Snowboard Boots

There’s nothing better than getting a well-fitted pair of snowboard boots men, but once you have the boots of your dreams, how in the world do you keep them clean? They’re made of different materials than other types of boots, so you don’t want to damage any special coating or fibers. But you can’t forget about cleaning them! Think of the smell that would accumulate! The care and maintenance of your boots is a major responsibility, but if you listen to the manufacturer and read our guide below, you will learn how to keep your boots in Tip-Top shape. 

There are two different methods to wash a pair of snowboarding boots: they can be hand-washed, or you can place the boots in the washer and wash them according to the directions written out by the manufacturer. 

Hand Wash your Snowboard Boots

To hand-wash your snow boots, you’ll need a bowl of slightly warm water, a sponge or washcloth oh, and some plain detergent. Soak the washcloth or sponge in the bowl of warm water. Check your boots and see if they have a liner inside. If they do, remove the liner and set it aside.

Add a tiny bit of detergent into the warm water and swish it around until you see bubbles form on the water’s surface. Then dip your sponge or washcloth into the water and ring it out thoroughly. It should be damp, not soaking wet. Gently but firmly wipe the outside of your boots thoroughly. Use your fingernail to dig out any rocks or debris stuck on the sides on the bottom of your shoe. If the water starts to turn dark or cloudy, throw it out and remix another bowl of warm water and detergent. Do not put the snow boots in the dryer. Instead, put them next to a heater, so they dry quickly.

Clean your Boot Lining

Next, clean the lining of your boots the same way. Once your linings are dry, you can also deodorize them by sprinkling a bit of baking soda all around it. Allow the powder to sit on the liner for several hours and then shake it off into a trashcan.

No one likes to clean their clothes; we just like to have clean clothes. But you’ll be happy you took such good care of your boots when they last a few years longer than most other people’s boots.


If the boots that you own are machine washable, that does not mean that you cannot wash them by hand if you do not have access to a washer. You can wash the boots by hand, but they will not be as clean as if you put them in the washing machine. However, if a pair of ski goggles says hand wash only, do not put them in the washer. The material or fabric is very delicate, and you can ruin your boots.


Searching for the perfect boots for snowboarding men is time-consuming and frustrating, but once you find the perfect snow boots that are everything you have been looking for, you’ll feel as if you found the Holy Grail. Hopefully, this men’s snowboard boot guide will help you narrow down the perfect boot that you have been looking for. If you live near a winter sports store, I highly recommend you go to the store to try on the boots yourself. Shopping online is very easy, but you have to deal with returning the boots that do not fit you and return policies. You will have to leave your house, but it will only take a few hours, and you are far more likely to find the boot that is right for you. 


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