Best Snowboard Boots for Women Reviewed 2021

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Women’s Snowboard Boots

The very thought of snowboarding fills many people, both snowboarders, and non-snowboarders, with thoughts of excitement and adventure. Snowboarding is a sport that takes you out of your shell and gets you out into the wilderness. Whether you’re with yourself or family, there’s no way you won’t have fun snowboarding up and down trails, shredding fresh pow, and performing well-practiced and coordinated stunts that will have you upside down in the air. But to appreciate and enjoy snowboarding, you must have the right equipment, and that means you can’t skip on a high-quality pair of snowboarding boots. So if you’re a woman looking for a pair of boots that’ll keep you warm and provide stability while you’re carving back and forth down a mountain, keep on reading because this complete in-depth guide can help you find the boots of your dreams.

Types Of Women’s Snowboard Boots

Depending on the specific riding you’re engaged in, you may need to wear a different type of boot. Each style of boot has different levels of stability, flexibility, and support. 

All-Mountain Boots

All-Mountain boots are made for all the different types of terrain. This style of boot has a little bit of every specific type of boot in its design. Boots in this category can handle tricks, and it does remain stable if you like speed. All-Mountain boots are the most popular type of boot because most people are all Mountain snowboarders. One thing to know about this type of boot is if you plan on reaching high speeds on your snowboard, do not choose an all Mountain boot. Speed snowboarding requires stiff boots for better stability and control.

Freestyle Or Park Snowboard Boots

Boots meant for park or freestyle snowboarding must be as flexible as the snowboard they are bound to. This type of snowboarding boot must allow the wearer to bend and flex to land tricks and land on rails successfully. Since many tricks involve jumping and flying into the air, a freestyle snowboard boot has to dampen the impact that occurs when the snowboarder lands back on the ground.

Freeride Snowboard Boots

Freeride snowboarders need as much stability and support as possible. Their boots must be very stiff to maintain proper control, especially when they’re picking up speed. Owning a pair of freeriding boots requires the wearer to break them in over time. These boots are generally not for beginners. 

Types of Lacing

Lacing is an extremely important feature in both skiing and snowboarding boots. Lace is a big factor in determining heel and ankle support. There are several different types of lacing, each with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Traditional Lacing

This type of lacing allows the wearer to adjust the laces exactly to their liking, so the boots can be as flexible or as stiff as they need to be. But you do need to have the muscle strength if you need the laces to be particularly tight. Laces are also extremely cheap to replace if they are damaged. But this lacing style has an issue with the laces becoming loose while the wearer is snowboarding. The laces have to be readjusted, tightened, and even retied multiple times during the day.

Single and Double BOA Lacing

If you were to take a traditionally lace boot and add a knob onto the tongue of the boot to twist to make the laces tight, you would have a BOA lacing system. BOA lacing systems are easier to use because you don’t need a lot of muscle strength in order to tighten your laces, and you don’t have to take off the gloves to manipulate the knob. BOA lacing knobs are large, so they can be gripped, even with gloves on. Because of the extra tightening knob, boots that have a single or double lacing system do not loosen over time. 

A BOA system with a single knob will tighten the entire foot, but if there are two knobs, then the top knob will only tighten the top laces, and the bottom knob will only tighten the bottom laces. Unlike traditional leasing, BOA knobs are not easy or cheap to replace. 

Speed Lacing

Designed so the wearer can quickly lace up their boots and start snowboarding, speed lacing usually involves just one single lace that can be tightened instantly by pulling on the end. People who have speed lacing do not have to take off their gloves to tighten their laces. But the biggest downside to speed lacing is that the wearer cannot adjust different parts of the boot to their liking. However, if the boot has a dual lacing system, then each part can be adjusted individually. Like traditional lacing, the laces in a speed lacing system loosen over time, so they have to be retightened.


It is the torsional band and lateral bend of the boot that determines the amount of flex. There are two different ways a company that makes snowboarding boots can use to rate the amount of flex in their boots: a 1-10 scale or by using soft, medium, and stiff.

Soft flex

Boots that have a soft flex are usually 1-4 on the numbered scale. A soft flex boot is made for freestyle riders and those who enjoy practicing tricks. Books with a soft flex rating allow the foot and ankle to bend in many different positions for maximum dexterity. However, soft flex boots do not have a lot of support, so your muscles get tired faster than if you’re using a medium or stiff boot.

Medium flex

This is the perfect level of flex for the majority of snowboarders. Most beginners start with medium flex boots and then adjust the level of flex as they develop their skills and specialize in a type of snowboarding. It allows for some dexterity and movement while providing a good amount of support. Those who practice all Mountain skiing tend to choose medium flex boots. Unless you’re an advanced snowboarder who competes, the safest choice level of flex is medium if you don’t know what type of flexibility you need. Boots that have a medium flex rating are usually around 4 to 6 or 7. 

Stiff Flex

If a boot is made with a stiff flex rating, they are meant to remain stable at top speeds and unpredictable terrain. Stiff flex boots are extremely supportive and stable, so there is very little flexibility. The heel and ankle are rigidly kept in position, as balance and posture are essential. On the rating line, stiff flex boots are about 7 to 10, and even 7 may not be stiff enough for some snowboarders. 

Extra Features For Snowboard Boots Women

Easy-grip handles

If your boots have an easy-grip handle, you do not have to take off your gloves to properly put them on. The handles must be large enough so that your thumb and fingers can slide into the hole. 

Removable liner

Cleaning the inside of your snowboard boots is annoying, but a removable liner makes them very easy to clean. Simply pull out the liner and wipe it down, and then let the liner dry. 

Anti-odor coating or material

Even the best quick-drying socks cannot protect your boots against the smell of feet. If there are liners in your boots, it should have some kind of odor guard. This feature is definitely a necessity. The last thing you need is to store your horrifically smelling snowboard boots in your bag with all of your other snowboarding equipment.

Reinforced Padding

Because snowboard boots are so expensive, they need to be able to last. A high-quality snowboard boot is made with reinforced material or padding on areas of the boot that wear out quicker than others. Plus, the extra padding protects against the landing or impact when coming down from a jump. 

Heat Insulation

Although heat insulation is an absolute necessity and a no-brainer to remember, some snowboard boots retain warmth better than others. If you can test the boots and how warm your feet are in the boots that you’re about to purchase, you should take the extra step and test them out.

The Best Snowboots Women

There are many wonderful snowboard boots out there for women, so it might be difficult to choose the right boots for you. So, here are a few of great boots for snowboarding women available online and in winter sports stores. The boots in this list have a number of excellent reviews, so they are tried and tested by women snowboarders themselves.

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Mint Boa Snowboard Boots

Created to be an all-mountain snowboard boot, the Burton Mint Boa Boots will provide all the stability and support an all-mountain rider needs. Because it is made with soft flex support, it doesn’t take a lot of time for this pair of boots to mold to the wearer’s foot. The wearers will not have to constantly readjust the tongue’s position within these boots because it is designed to enclose around the leg. Because this model of boots is designed for women, it is fitted to the shapes and curves of a woman’s foot. Inside the boot, there is reflective foil material that captures and holds the wearer’s body heat. The lacing around the front of the foot is flexible enough for all-mountain terrain, but it is not loose.

Salomon Ivy Boa Snowboard Boots

Salomon Ivy Boa Snowboard Boots

Another great all-mountain boot, this model was designed for the wearer’s convenience. It has a liner inside the boot that can be easily taken out and washed to prevent odor and sweat buildup. The lining is extremely soft, and it adds a layer cushioning to the bottom of the foot. There’s a harness that keeps your foot in place around the heel but still allows you to move your ankle. There are easy to grab grips at the top of the cuff, so you don’t have to remove your gloves to put on these boots if you are outside. Some of the reviews say that this boot model takes longer than other types of boots to break in, so it is best if you get used to them before snowboarding. 

Vans Women’s Encore OG Snowboard Boots

Vans Women's Encore Og Snowboard Boots

Lightweight and luxurious, these boots were created by the company Vans to enclose your feet in a soft but protective fabric designed to allow the full movement of your feet, especially around the ankle. The snowboard boot itself has anti-fatigue technology built into it, so it shields the steps of your feet and reduces the work of your muscles. This type of design means your feet and legs are shielded from the full force impact of your step, so your muscles and joints last longer so you can be out in the snow from morning tonight. This is an all-terrain boot so it can handle any type of snowboarding activity with ease.

Created for those who want a simple and stable boot, the style is simplistic only the way that Vans can be. 

Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots

Burton Felix Boa Snowboard Boots

If you are a snowboarder who has issues with the back muscles in your legs, you should consider purchasing this pair of boots. The material around the back of the foot and leg has a focus cuff design, which has extra padding to reduce muscle fatigue. This boot will never feel too tight, no matter what type of sock you’re wearing. This boot was made with sleeping bag technology, which means it is designed to lock in heat around your legs and shins. It was also designed to accommodate various shapes of feet, as it can mold itself around the wearer’s foot. But if you have skinny ankles, it has small straps around the ankle to enclose the foot securely. The wearer won’t feel like their boots are too big and unsupportive when they strap their boots into their snowboard binding. This product is available in sizes 5 to 11. 

If you purchase this product directly from, the company allows its customers to pay for their products in monthly installments. 

Siren 2021 Lux Women’s Snowboard Boots

Siren 2021 Lux Women's Snowboard Boots

One of the newest snowboard boots on the market, it has come to make its name as a perfectly crafted boot. It has thermal fit heat material to keep your toes and insulated. The lacing outside the boot stays in place, so you won’t have to fiddle with loosening laces while you snowboard.

The only true drawback to this boot is that the color and design are off-putting. It looks like an all-white tennis shoe with a cuff. But what it lacks in basic style, it makes up for it with an easy to clean removable liner that prevents the heel and ankle from moving around. Another great feature of this boot is that it comes with a 3-year replacement warranty if the boots were manufactured incorrectly. Because of this warranty, customers won’t have to stay with a defective product. 

32 TM-Three Women’s

32 TM-Three Women's Snowboard Boots

Comfort must have been the main focus of this boot’s design. It can perfectly shape itself to the wearer’s foot because of the many ways it can be adjusted. Although made for a mass-market, once you slide this boot on and fix it to your liking, you’ll swear it was created just for you. As you snowboard across and down the slopes, your heel will stay perfectly in place thanks to the heel hold harness around the foot’s base. Not only is this boot supportive, but it’s also very durable. It has EXO armor and Storm Shield as part of its design, so it won’t wear out as fast as other boots. The liner inside is made with heat catching and storing foam, so you’ll always be warm, even in Sub-Zero temperatures. 

These boots are more expensive than most others, but many of its reviews say that it is well worth the cost.

How To Maintain Your Snowboard Boots While On Vacation

There’s nothing better than getting away from the daily grind of your work and social life and booking a five-day vacation at a ski resort. But unfortunately, going on vacation comes with its own set of problems. One big issue when taking a vacation to a ski resort is keeping your snowboarding and skiing equipment clean and ready to use. 

After one day of snowboarding, your boots may not be that dirty, so all you need to do is wipe them down and deodorize the inside of the boots. 

First, if your boots have a lining inside of them, remove them and set them aside. Remove the lining, so bacteria and odors do not accumulate in the material. 

Next, mix a small bit of detergent in a sink full of water. If you don’t have a sponge with you, you can always use a washcloth or face towel. Dip the washcloth or sponge into the soap mix and ring it out. It should be damp, not wet. 

In circular motions, lightly wipe down the outside of your boots and its laces. At the bottom of the boot, use your fingernail and scrape in between the ridges, to scrape out rocks or debris.

Once you have wiped your boots down thoroughly, rinse the sponge or washcloth and wipe your boots over again. For the second cleaning, the sponge or washcloth should not have any soap on it. After wiping them down and removing all of the soap, use a towel to dry off your boots. 

Now that you are done with the shell of the boot, you can start with the lining. Wash and wipe it down the same way but do not put them back into the boots until they are completely dry.

Doing this every day after you’re finished snowboarding will keep your boots will stay in Tip-Top shape, and you won’t have to give them a deep cleaning when you return home.


Cleaning your own snowboard boots is quite easy, but it does consume a good amount of your time. When you come back from the snow, you are probably in no mood to clean. If you don’t mind spitting out some cash, many hotels and resorts that cater to snowboarders and skiers have equipment cleaning services. Depending on how the establishment organizes its services, you can call and request cleaning services ahead of time, or you can request the cleaning services on the spot at the end of your day. 

However, depending on how busy the staff is, you might not get your equipment back until the middle of the next day. So don’t use hotel cleaning services if you’re planning to get an early morning start. 

Another thing to know about cleaning services is that they might get your equipment mixed up with someone else’s, so keep high-quality pictures of all your equipment in a special file on your phone. The hotel or resort will be able to find your equipment faster in case this happens. Most people don’t have pictures of their own equipment, so they have to describe what their equipment looks like to tired and distraught staff.


Discovering the perfect snowboard boot is difficult and may take some time. But once you find it, your feet feel more stable, warm, and protected. You may also develop a better sense of balance and better posture. I hope this article can help you and guide you in the right direction to find your perfect boot. If you still require help or would like someone to tell you exactly what to purchase, the staff at any winter sports store will be happy to help you. But whatever you do, don’t purchase a boot that does not fit or feels unstable, no matter what kind of special material is woven into the boot or how popular the brand is. Ill-fitting boots can increase the likelihood of injury, and your muscles will grow tired faster because they are not supported well. So, get started on searching for the perfect snowboarding boot for you and enjoy your winter is much as possible! Happy snowboarding!


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