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There are hundreds of ski goggles available around the world in winter sports equipment stores, so how are skiers or snowboarders supposed to figure out which one is right for them? Even more ski goggles are available online, but shopping online is very difficult, especially since ski goggles are a product where comfort is one of the most important characteristics. But in-depth reviews can help a confused shopper figure out the right goggle for them or at least narrow their selections down to two or three. In this in-depth review, I will cover everything that you need to know about Giro article ski goggles. 

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What Is The Giro Article Snow Goggle?

Created by Giro, the Giro Article Snow Goggles are semi-frameless goggles designed to protect the eyes and improve the wearer’s vision, especially on cloudy or dark days. This goggle is one-size-fits-all, but the strap is exceptionally adjustable so it can sit securely on the face, and there are several different colored lenses to choose from. The goggle lens extends to the sides of your face, so you have as much peripheral vision as you would if you were not wearing anything on your face at all. 

Features and Benefits

Swappable lenses

The large lens can be switched out for another color or a blank lense, depending on the type of weather and visibility level. Extra lenses are also available for purchase online, in case the original lens is scratched or broken. The lens is easily swapped out because of the Giro snow goggles’ interchange system. It only takes one swift move to take out and replace the lens.

Foam Lining

To protect the wearer from chafing, damaged skin, and an extremely uncomfortable lens, there’s a foam lining protector around the inside of the goggle. The foam is not stiff, but it does keep out snow and wind from damaging the eyes.

VIVID Lens Technology

It’s important to find a colored lens that protects your eyes and emphasizes the differences in the terrain, especially while moving and traveling in the snow. Snowmobile drivers, skiers, snowboarders, and even snowshoers are all at risk of injury because the snow hides dangers. The lenses of these goggles are designed to contrast against the terrain, so it makes changes in the ground more noticeable.


Many stylish goggles don’t allow people who wear glasses to wear them underneath their goggles. Luckily the Article snow goggle is designed for the four-eyed population. The lens is raised, so any type of glasses can fit comfortably underneath, and the lenses of your glasses will not be scratched or damaged by rubbing against the goggle lens. 

UV protection

It doesn’t matter that it is wintertime; you always need to protect your eyes from sun damage. Also, the snow is an extremely reflective material, so people who do not properly protect their eyes can develop snow blindness even if there is no sunlight shining directly down onto the earth.

Bluelight Filter

The light from the sun can hurt human eyes, even if they are wearing goggles or glasses with UV protection. Blue light causes the eyes to strain and wear out faster, so skiers and snowboarders who do not have blue light protection within their lenses are more likely to develop headaches and migraines from the glare of the sun. 

One Size fits all

One standard size means you don’t have to figure out the perfect size for your head. You can simply purchase the goggles online and then adjust them when they arrive, or you can try them on in the store without having to search through and test different sizes.

Semi-Frameless Design 

There is no frame at the top of the goggle, which gives it a semi-frameless style. Removing the frame from this part of the goggle reduces the goggle’s overall weight. When a goggle weighs less, it’s less likely to need to be strapped on tighter, which makes it more comfortable. And if you ask me, the frameless design just looks cooler.


The price of the Giro Article Ski Goggles is $150, but there are some retailers who sell it for $169 all the way up to $212! The cheapest store to get these goggles from is Amazon. 

Giro Article Ski Goggles

What Do The Reviews Say?

For the giro article ski goggle review, I read the reviews on Amazon to get a clear picture of what customers think of this goggle when using it in real life. This part was quite easy because there are only four reviews! One of these reviews said that the goggles are extremely easy to take off, but they’ve never come off in a collision, so they are not loose. 

Another review stated that they did not like this google because of faulty manufacturing, but the company contacted him and gave him a brand new well-made goggle entirely for free. High-quality customer service changed this reviewer’s opinion, and he says that he will continue to buy Giro products. 

Unfortunately, one review said that the goggles were constantly developing fog on the lens, so she had to wipe them frequently. Even the lens on the inside of the goggle fogged up because it was not designed with any type of ventilation. Either the anti-fog coating that is supposed to be on the goggle lens is not very strong, or she received the pair that did not have any coating at all. 


This has been the giro article goggle review. This goggle is well made and designed to address and solve many issues that come with winter sports and the elements. Their customer service is excellent, and this google they have made can accommodate a wide variety of skiers and snowboarders. Anyone considering purchasing the Giro Article Ski Goggles must beware of retailers who sell this goggle at an extreme markup. If you are a person who develops headaches and migraines, the blue light filter in these goggles should lower the rate at which you get them while you are outside.

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