Do You Need To Wax a New Snowboard?

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If you have recently purchased a new snowboard, then you want to make sure that it works as well as possible. Therefore, you might be wondering, do you need to wax a brand new snowboard? There are a few important points that you should keep in mind. 

Do I Need To Wax a New Snowboard?

When new snowboards are produced in the factory, they are given a brand new coat of wax. Therefore, they look perfectly shiny in the store or on the Internet when you are thinking about purchasing one. On the other hand, after you ride a new snowboard for a couple of days, you may notice that dry patches start to appear. As a result, it is important for you to wax a brand new snowboard if you would like to get the best ride possible. It is also not unusual for people to have to wax a base multiple times in order to improve the quality of the ride for the next time they hit the slopes. 

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When Do New Snowboards Need Wax?

When Do New Snowboards Need Wax?

If you are noticing that your snowboard is skipping or catching edges on a regular basis, then this could be a sign that your new snowboard needs wax. You may need to apply hot wax to your new snowboard five or six times in order to condition it appropriately. Take a close look at your base. If you see small, white lines or a white haze on the bottom of your board, this is a sign that dry patches are developing. In order to fix these dry patches, you need to apply hot wax. 

How Do You Wax a New Snowboard?

In order to wax your snowboard, you will need an iron, a scraper, a cloth, a structuring brush, and hot wax. Remove the bindings (or loosen them) and clean the base thoroughly. After this, melt the wax with the iron base. Once the wax has cooled on the board for about 20 to 30 minutes, scrape the board carefully from nose to tail to remove excess wax, keeping the scraper at a 45-degree angle. Check the edges and structure of the base before you finish up. This will make sure that you have a smooth ride the next time you hit the slopes. 

How Often Does a New Snowboard Need Wax?

The frequency with which you should wax your new snowboard is going to depend on how often you ride it. In general, think about waxing your new snowboard every 2 to 3 days if you are riding it on a regular basis. If you are riding on your snowboard for 8 to 9 hours per day on a daily basis, then you might need to wax your snowboard more often. Make sure the wax you are using has been made specifically for snowboards and ensure that it is heated appropriately to the right temperature to provide adequate conditioning to the base of the board.


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