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If you are wondering “What is the definition of Earn Your Turns?” you have come to the right place. On this page we will define Earn Your Turns as well as use it in a sentence or in context as well as outline the origins or etymology of the term Earn Your Turns when used in the context of skiing and snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding is famous for having a high amount of jargon much like other similar sports (skateboarding, surfing, mountain-biking, etc.).

To look up other terms check out our dictionary of ski and snowboard jargon here. For the definition of Earn Your Turns, please read on.

What does Earn Your Turns mean in ski/snowboard slang

To earn your turns means to put skins on your skis or split board and hike up a mountain and ski or snowboard down. This is usually done in the backcountry, and the phrase usually is used by pretentious locals who think that skiers who skin up a mountain are better than the lazy people that use a chairlift.

“Do you want to go to Park City?”
“No thanks. I would rather earn my turns.”


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