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If you are wondering “What is the definition of Half-send?” you have come to the right place. On this page we will define Half-send as well as use it in a sentence or in context as well as outline the origins or etymology of the term Half-send when used in the context of skiing and snowboarding. Skiing and snowboarding is famous for having a high amount of jargon much like other similar sports (skateboarding, surfing, mountain-biking, etc.).

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What does Half-send mean in ski/snowboard slang

Going half-send is when you hesitate and don’t go full send which causes you to end up totally wrecking yourself. Going half-send is commonly considered something you never want to do. For example, when going off a cliff or jump you may have to go fast to a flat spot or rocks, but going half-send will cause you to land on those rocks, the flat spot, or some other dangerous terrain and end up tomahawking, rag-dolling, and double-ejecting.

“Never go half-send.”

Similar Terms: Shred, Sendy, Shralp, Rip, Tomahawk, Double-ejection

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