How to Get Stickers Off of Your Snowboard or Skis

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You finally have that new snowboard or set of skis you’ve wanted for a while. Unfortunately, there is a huge factory sticker stuck on top of your brand new gear. It’s a bit of an eyesore, but you know from experience that simply finding a tool and scraping it off can leave the snowboard or skis damaged or leave a sticky adhesive residue that collects dirt with time. Sometimes it’s an old decorative sticker that no longer looks good. Here are some ideas on how to get stickers off of a snowboard or set of skis.

how to get stickers off of skis

1) A Wet Cloth or Sponge

Wet a sponge or cloth in warm water and rub it on the sticker. This method requires some effort and depends on whether the sticker absorbs water or is waterproof. Use the cloth or sponge to scrub off the sticker gently. You can use some household soap to help remove the stick more easily.  

2) Use a Wax Scraper

Use a wax scraper made of plexiglass to remove stickers from snowboard or ski surfaces. Plexiglass is a type of plastic, so carefully scraping off the sticker can be done without damaging your gear. This may take some time and requires some patience. 

3) Soak in Washing Soda

To remove stickers from skis or a snowboard, you can also soak your gear in warm water mixed with some washing soda for 20-40 minutes. You can easily edge off the stick once soaking is complete.

4) Apply Olive Oil and Then Some Windex

Use cotton or a cloth to rub some olive oil on the sticker. Wait for a few minutes to allow the oil to take effect. Use a plastic scraper to scrape off the sticker. To remove excess oil, apply some Windex to your snowboard or skis and wipe it off with a cloth or paper towel. 

Don’t forget to follow all the safety precautions when using Windex.

5) Try a Hairdryer

You can try teasing off the sticker by adding a little heat. Use your hairdryer to apply some heat to your skis or snowboard. The heat should make it easier for the sticker to come off. Do this slowly and carefully to avoid burning or melting your gear. 

You can start with the lowest heat at a small distance away from the board or skis using a circular motion to apply the heat evenly.  Try to peel off the sticker. You can gradually increase the hairdryer heat if the lower dryer levels don’t do the trick. 

6) Lighter Fluid Can Help Remove Stickers

Lighter fluid can be used to tease off stickers, making them easier to remove. Apply some lighter fluid to the sticker, allow it to absorb, and scrape it off using a plastic scraper.

Not all solvents are suitable for applying to your gear and can leave permanent marks or damage.  If you have doubts, it’s better to use other methods. If you have an old snowboard or skis that are no longer functional, you can first test the substance on that board. 

Price stickers and old decorative stickers take the shine off your snow gear. Fortunately, there are several ways of how to get stickers off of skis and snowboards. Removing stickers requires some effort and patience to ensure you do not damage or discolor the board. Always remove stickers slowly and use care.

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