The 3 Best Bamboo Ski Poles

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Bamboo ski poles have become increasingly popular in recent years. They’re lightweight, durable and drastically better for the environment than poles made from carbon fiber or aluminum. Many consumers also believe bamboo ski poles are better looking than the aluminum and fiber ski poles we’ve known for decades.

Amazingly, bamboo ski poles can bend to almost a 90-degree angle and still return to their original shape. This is ideal for advanced skiers tackling moguls or backcountry obstacles, like rocks or logs. In some cases, bamboo poles are stronger than carbon fiber versions, yet they weigh nearly the same.

Sizing for bamboo poles is similar to that of traditional aluminum poles. Ideal sizing for the average skier will have the elbow at or slightly below a 90-degree angle when holding the pole on the ground. Those who ski a lot of moguls or off-piste terrain will prefer a slightly shorter pole.

The following are the bamboo poles we like best for the 2020-2021 season.

Grass Sticks Original Bamboo Ski Poles

Grass Sticks has become one of the most famous bamboo ski pole manufacturers in the world. These sustainably-focused ski poles are made in Steamboat Springs, Colo., an iconic United States ski town. Grass Sticks Original Bamboo poles provide an ideal combination of durability and flexibility that can bend to extreme angles and still snap back into its original form. The Original Bamboo can be used for all types of terrain from fresh corduroy to chest-deep powder.

It’s important to note that the Original Bamboo is also one of the most durable poles on the market. Even the straps are made from 100-percent recycled polyester. It’s no secret that skiers love the outdoors, and these poles allow you to help preserve the environments you shred.

Soul Poles Original Soul Ski Poles

Soul Poles manufactures one of the best ski pole bamboo on the market. The Original Soul features a cool, vintage look, but we believe its the durability and flexibility that have resulted in such rave reviews from skiers. In fact, the Original Soul is 25-percent stronger than traditional aluminum ski poles.

Another crowd-pleasing feature of the Original Soul is that it’s customizable, so you can tailor the pole to suit your skiing style and personal color preferences. Choose your basket size, basket color, and grip color to create a ski pole that reflects your unique personality.

Meier Skis Custom Handmade Bamboo Ski Poles

Meier Skis Custom Handmade Bamboo poles provide a variety of features that make your skiing experience more comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable. These bamboo poles feature ergonomically-designed, soft rubber grips with straps made from 100-percent recycled polyester. The straps are known to perform well, even in extremely cold or wet conditions.

Pole shafts are made from the most sustainable, hand-finished bamboo that’s designed to endure all weather conditions. The four-inch basics easily slide on and off, so they can be exchanged with other basket colors. Like the Original Soul model above, Meier Custom Handmade Bamboo poles are entirely customizable, with a variety of basket and grip colors available.

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