The Best Budget Ski Poles

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Ski poles are an essential piece of ski equipment. They aid your rhythm as you perform turns, help you skate through flat sections, and boost confidence on tricky terrain. However, an expensive high-performance pole is not typically needed by the everyday resort skier. 

Your average skier will want a pole that is comfortable and durable. These are qualities that can easily be found in a variety of budget ski poles offered by some of the industry’s top brands. The following are four of the best value ski poles on the market for the 2020-2021 season. 

Volkl Phantastick Ski Poles

The Volkl Phantastick is one of the most popular poles available right now. That’s because it’s affordable yet packed with a number of features you’d expect from a higher-end, performance pole. This budget-friendly pole features ergonomically-designed grips, a quality aluminum construction, and variety of possible color choices. The grips match the pole color you choose, which makes this pole look a bit flashier than other budget models. This is an ideal choice for a budget-minded skier seeking a quality pole for everyday downhill use. 

Rossignol Tactic Ski Poles

The Rossignol name is one of the most iconic in the ski industry, and it’s a name you can trust. The Tactic model ski pole from Rossignol is a no-frills pole that’s extremely affordable. This pole features an aluminum construction that is lightweight yet durable. Skiers will also appreciate the ergonomic grip that remains comfortable even after hours of continuous skiing. The low price tag allows you to put your money toward ski gear that may have a larger affect on your overall performance. 

Rossignol Stove Pipe Sr. Ski Poles

The Rossignol Stove Pipe Sr., is another affordable Rossignol model that’s known as one of the best cheap ski poles on the market. You get a lot of bang for your buck with this pole, including a lightweight construction, durability, and adjustable wrist straps that are secure yet easy to take on and off. The top-quality grips are designed for superior performance and comfort, providing even more value for the surprisingly low price. 

Atomic Park Ski Poles

This Park model pole by Atomic was designed for freestyle skiing, but it can easily be taken from the park to the powder. It’s a basic pole with a standard grip, aluminum shaft, and a relatively thin strap. However, the Atomic Park features an 18mm diameter, which provides enough durability for years of use. This is a basic yet functional pole that’s available at a budget-friendly price-point.

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