The Best Carbon Ski Poles

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Carbon fiber ski poles are known as some of the most high-performance poles in the ski industry. Carbon poles offer an incredibly low swing weight, a light, comfortable feel, and flex that allows you to transition more effortlessly from one turn to another. 

A carbon fiber pole can help you take your skiing, whether within resort bounds or in the backcountry, to the next level. The more high-performance construction means these poles come with a number of other advanced features too. We suggest carbon poles for advanced and expert skiers due to their the ultra-light feel and flexibility. 

The following are the best carbon fiber ski poles available at retailers right now.

Black Diamond Boundary Carbon Ski Poles

Boundary Carbon Ski Poles

With a 100% carbon fiber shaft and aramid reinforced lower for protection against ski edge hits, the Black Diamond Boundary Carbon is built for in-bounds and outbounds shredding and is the strongest carbon pole we make. The pole's grip features a SwitchRelease™ breakaway technology strap and aggressive hooking point for leveraging bars and buckles.

  • 14 mm (0.55 in) carbon fiber with aramid reinforced lower for protection against ski-edge hits
  • SwitchRelease™ breakaway technology strap and an aggressive hooking point for leveraging bars and buckles
  • 75 mm (3 in) Freeride Baskets
  • Indexed ferrule for 3/4 basket compatibility

The Black Diamond Boundary Carbon is consistently named one of the top ski poles on the market. The combined set of poles weighs in at just 16.4 ounces. Even better, the Boundary Carbon was designed to be more durable than other carbon poles, with a thicker shaft and a reinforced bottom. It’s one of the most durable carbon poles we’ve found, and it will take an extremely hard impact to break. 

The Boundary Carbon also features a safe breakaway strap and a unique hooked grip designed for flipping climbing bars. You can use this pole for all-mountain skiing, but it serves as an excellent touring pole as well. The two-in-one design makes this carbon pole worth its higher price tag. 

Leki Carbon 14 3D Ski Poles

The Leki Carbon 14 3D offers a number of high-performance features that advanced skiers love. The 14mm carbon fiber construction is incredibly lightweight, but the high-end construction makes them more durable than comparable carbon models. It’s a thinner pole, but that’s why the swing weight and feel are so impression. An aluminum pole will feel cumbersome and stiff after testing out the Carbon 14 3D.

Another major advantage of the Carbon 14 3D is that it’s loaded with tech. This pole features the new Leki Trigger 3D strap system, with improved the release angle of the strap to 220 degrees. This makes it easier for the strap to detach if a crash occurs. This is one of the most premium poles available, and that is reflected in the price as well. However, expert skiers will find that the Carbon 14 3D and its safety features are worth the money.

Goode G-Carbon Ski Poles

Not all carbon fiber poles will break the bank. Goode is the company praised for starting the carbon fiber ski pole trend roughly three decades ago. Goode is also a name that is synonymous with quality. The G-Carbon model holds up the company’s strong reputation as a top-quality carbon pole for an affordable price. 

The G-Carbon is incredibly lightweight and features a diameter of just 10.4mm, which is much smaller than the usual 14mm or 16mm. However, this means drag is practically non-existent and the pole is more flexible for transitioning smoothly from one turn to another. The Goode G-Carbon is our most ideal ski pole for advanced resort skiers who don’t need the highest-end carbon model. 

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