What Is The Best Men’s Ski Jacket?

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Arc'teryx Rush Jacket Orbit LG
Dakine Vapor Gore-TEX 2L Shell Jacket Mens Black
The North Face Men Nuptse Jacket Retro 1996 TNF Yellow X-Large
Arc'teryx Rush Jacket Orbit LG
Dakine Vapor Gore-TEX 2L Shell Jacket Mens Black
The North Face Men Nuptse Jacket Retro 1996 TNF Yellow X-Large
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Price not available
Arc'teryx Rush Jacket Orbit LG
Arc'teryx Rush Jacket Orbit LG
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Dakine Vapor Gore-TEX 2L Shell Jacket Mens Black
Dakine Vapor Gore-TEX 2L Shell Jacket Mens Black
The North Face Men Nuptse Jacket Retro 1996 TNF Yellow X-Large
The North Face Men Nuptse Jacket Retro 1996 TNF Yellow X-Large
Price not available

Skiing is one of the greatest joys a person can experience in your life. I truly believe that if anybody, anyone at all, tries skiing at least once, their love of nature will increase, even if they did not like skiing itself. I absolutely love the feeling of the wind on my face and cold air on my nose as I whip and speed through the groomed slopes and wild, uncharted trails of mountaintops the world over. I bet you anything that’s if there is a God out there, he definitely loves skiing as well. It is a truly euphoric experience, and I always try to get every friend I make into skiing. I’m sure I look like a crazy skiing zealot, but I don’t care. But for a man to truly enjoy skiing, they must wear a men’s skiing jacket that keeps them safe from the cold and prevents the wind and environment from taking a toll on their skin. But thanks to the internet and many wonderful materials and technologies that have come forth throughout the last two decades, there are plenty of ski jackets like this. But what are the best men’s ski jackets? I can definitely tell you that as I have done all the research. So keep on reading and find out what is the best men’s ski jacket.

My experience with Shopping For Ski Jackets

It may be cliche to say that men do not like shopping, But it is true. I genuinely do not enjoy shopping for regular street clothes. But that doesn’t mean that I hate shopping for everything. I may hate rushing up to Ross and TJ Maxx, but when it comes to a winter sports store, I’m already there. To me, this isn’t just regular shopping. It is shopping for ski equipment, which is my most beloved hobby. 

I may not like shopping for day-to-day clothes and clothes for my job, but when it comes to clothing and equipment for skiing, it is what I live for. However, that doesn’t mean that shopping for skiing equipment and clothing is easy. The type of products are made for skiing should always be tested in winter environments, and an outlet store in the middle of the desert is not the place to test it. 

Sometimes, if you’re in a significantly wealthy shopping area, some winter sports stores have a section of their store that has a room where the temperature is 30° or less. Stores like this create this kind of room to test any of the winter clothes that customers are interested in purchasing. By creating this room, you don’t have to wonder if your new clothing will keep you warm in the freezing weather. Not only does this cold room take it easy to try on clothes, but it also takes the guessing out of your shopping spree. You can walk out and be confident that the clothes that you have purchased are made correctly and will keep you warm. That is why I love shopping in wealthier areas. It may be more expensive, but that cold room is definitely worth the experience.

One time I went in for a brand new ski jacket. I did not do any research, and I wasn’t even sure if I would buy a best-fitted ski jacket mens. But I had never seen a cold room before, so I grabbed a few jackets and tested them out. Lo and behold, in no less than 45 minutes, I had purchased a jacket that I loved and that I could trust. So if you come across the opportunity to use a cold room, you positively should. 

What Is The Difference Between A Ski Jacket And A Snow Jacket?

As you browse around the menu online winter sports stores, you will notice that there are generally two types of jackets: a ski jacket and a snowboard jacket. As you can tell, the ski jacket is for skiers, and the snowboard jacket is for snowboarders. But why do these two incredibly similar Sports need their own individual jackets styles? The answer lies in how skier’s and a snowboarder’s body moves.

When a skier is practicing, they have to move their upper body more. This is because they use ski poles to propel their body. So if they wear clothes that are too large and baggy, it will be a nuisance to them. On the opposite side, snowboarders don’t have to move their entire body is much. Both of their legs are attached to one board, and they don’t have ski poles. So they are free to wear baggy clothes because the extra fabric will not impede their movements.

Now, just because there is a jacket for each of these Sports does not mean that a skier can not use a snowboarder jacket and vice versa. No matter what style of jacket you’re interested in, it must do three different things it must keep you warm, it must protect you from the wind and water, and it must allow your body to move and then as you need to. So go ahead and use whatever jacket that fits you best.

Difference Between Men’s And Women’s Ski Jacket

The major difference between men and women’s ski jackets is how each jacket is designed. Because of the woman’s body shape, they naturally have a slight triangular shape that makes the jacket’s cut and liner taper off. Plus, many clothing creators add a bit more fabric around the chest, for obvious reasons. But in men’s jackets, the bottom half of their jackets is just a straight shot down. It does not taper off anywhere. If a man who is the same size as a woman tries to wear a women’s ski jacket, they will feel like their clothes are extremely tight, especially around the waist. Men have much flattering bodies and women, so their designs and their hems are different. 

Features To Consider

You now know the difference between a ski jacket and a snow jacket and why men and women need different jackets; it’s time to advance to the actual shopping section of this article. Below are the many features that a ski jacket can have. So take a look and learn about all the features that you need. Knowing what you need from a ski jacket can help you narrow down the right pic from hundreds of options.


If you can, always choose a jacket with a liner. When you have the type jacket, it’s like having two jackets in one. You can wear both the jacket and the liner during extremely cold weather. But if the weather is light and breezy but still a bit chilly, you can unzip the liner and just where it’s or the jacket’s outer shell. Plus, jackets with liners tend to be roomier, so you can add an extra layer of winter clothes for extra warmth. I prefer jackets with liners because you only have to wash the liner in between ski sessions. It is a liner that absorbs the sweat from your body, and not the shell.


If the liner is a part of the jacket that is like a thermal layer to capture those of heat from your body, then the shell Is the outer layer that protects the inner layer from the environment. The shell is supposed to be completely waterproof and windproof, so the rain won’t soak through your clothes and soak you while you were skiing. Also, the wind is known to lower people’s body temperature if you can get through their clothing layers. So jacket shells made out of windproof material are just as important as waterproof material.

Reinforced zippers

One of the biggest issues with wearing a waterproof jacket is the zipper. Until recently, zippers were not waterproof, so the rain would slip through the cracks with a zipper if it rained. But now, there should not be a problem. Many of the newest jackets have waterproof zippers. These types of zippers do not let water in through the seams or the zig-zag in the zipper. If the ski jacket you are interested in does not say that it has a waterproof zipper, you do not purchase it. It may be a minute detail, but when it’s pouring rain and you feel it soak through the front of your winter wear, you will be kicking yourself for buying a poorly made jacket.

High collar

If your jacket has a hoodie, then you may not think that you need a high collar. But a high collar on the liner of your jacket is always good to have. The high collar will keep your neck warm, and you can always duck your chin and lips underneath the collar in case the wind is howling and raging wildly. No matter the length of your neck, a high collar can keep you warm and prevent the wind from entering into your clothes through the neck hole.


This feature will apply more to the liner than to the jacket’s shell, but it is extremely important. A good jacket liner must absorb the sweat from your body, so you don’t become a sweaty hot mess. But that is just one thing and has to do. After it absorbs sweat, it must allow the sweat to evaporate out of the material. It is created like this so it can continue to absorb the sweat your body produces, and it does not hold any foul odors from the sweat. Odor absorption is one of the biggest reasons why people like to own jackets with liners. Liners can quickly be thrown into the washer and washed to get rid of old sweat and smell.

Large Pockets

One important trait of the best men’s ski shell jacket is large pockets. A lightweight and deep ski bag is the ideal item to keep with you, but you cannot carry your ski bag with you at all times. You must reserve the energy for carrying your bag and apply it to the slopes. But a pair of deep pockets is the best alternative. You will be able to carry many essential items with you if you have deep pockets. A small flashlight, chapstick, an extra pair of gloves, a walkie-talkie, and a power bar are all the things that you can carry if you have deep pockets.


No matter how often people try to bring baggy clothes back into style, it is just never going to work. That rule applies to regular street clothes as much as it applies to Winter close. If you wear clothes that are really baggy, all you do is look sloppy and unwashed., even if you carefully selected them and you shower every day. When you are a perfectly fitted ski jacket, it will cover every part of your body it is supposed to, but it won’t impede your movements. Your sleeves won’t be baggy and cover your hand, and the jacket won’t show off your midriff.


You jackass do have to keep you warm by retaining your body heat, but you shouldn’t sweat up a storm because of their heat retention. This is the tricky part of creating winter clothing. The person who was wearing the jacket has to stay warm, but they shouldn’t feel hot and suffocated. Not only do clothes have to retain heat, but they must also allow the heat to filter out through the breathable fabric slowly. If the jacket you’re wearing works well, you will feel warm, but you will not feel like there is a heater inside your jacket.


I absolutely hate it when I’m wearing a long-sleeve shirt, and when I go to put on my jacket, the sleeves of my shirt roll up as I slip my arm into the jacket sleeve. It is such a small nuisance that many people don’t consider it to be anything to be irritated over, but that is just what it is. It is irritating to have to readjust your sleeves after you put on your jacket. But now, many jackets are adding thumb cuffs to the end of the jacket sleeves. With thumb cuffs, you can slide your thumb into the pool and hold on to your safe so that it does not roll up when you put on your jacket. It’s a simple design, but I think it’s very convenient.


Many jackets are fitted, so they contour to the body. But that does not mean they should stretch or cling to a man’s body. Because skiing and snowboarding involve a lot of moving, you should never feel like your jacket is straining against you if you move a certain way. When you wear a jacket, it should feel like it is a good fit, but it should not be baggy and not dig into your armpits. Also, if you lift up your arms all the way above your head, your jacket should not be so short that your midriff shows.

The Best Men’s Ski Jacket

After doing hours and hours of research, I have concluded that the jackets below are the best men’s ski jackets available today. All of these jackets have different benefits and features, so be sure to read each description and see if it is perfect for you. Although you can purchase any of these jackets online, I always try to head to a winter sports store so I can try them on myself. It may take a chunk of my day, but I won’t have to deal with annoying returns and return deadlines.

Arc’teryx Rush Jacket

This is one of the most loved jackets on this list, and once we found out all the different features and benefits it had, we were not surprised about the jacket’s popularity. To start off, the Rush jacket is reinforced with multiple layers so it can be used in any environment. It is also 100% waterproof, so you’ve nothing to fear from the rain or heavy snowfall. It comes with a large hoodie that can be tightened and closed off with a cinched rope. One of the reasons this jacket is so durable and has so many different features is that it is meant for skiers who also enjoy hiking up mountains. Many hikers rely on this jacket to protect them from the environment as they ascend to the first base of a mountain. But just because it is durable, it does not mean that it is heavy. This jacket only weighs a pound and a half! The Arc’teryx Rush Jacket is available in 5 two-scheme colors, and its available sizes are small to extra extra large.

Dakine Vapor GORE-TEX 2L Jacket

Dakine Vapor Gore-TEX 2L Shell Jacket Mens Black
  • Fully Taped Seams
  • 2-Way center front zipper
  • Stretch mesh goggle pocket
  • Mesh lined 2-way zip under arm vents
  • Gore-Tex Waterproofing

If you’re a person who likes to experience the true outdoors and become one with nature, then you’re going to need a jacket as tough as you are. This Gore-Tex jacket is made to withstand all types of environments. Not only is it 100% waterproof, but it is windproof, and some of its fabric is reinforced in areas that wear out easily. It also has a 2-way adjustable hood, and, on one of the sleeves, there is a small patch of a special fabric that you can use to wipe away the fog from your ski goggles. It really looks like the manufacturer of this jacket really thought of everything. It has two large waterproof pockets on the jacket’s front, and the reinforced zipper will not allow rain or snow to pass through either. The Vapor GORE-TEX 2L Jacket Comes in four different colors, and it is available in sizes small to extra extra large. 

The North Face 1996 Retro Nuptse Jacket

This jacket was made for days where you just can’t handle the cold, but you don’t want to stay off the slopes. The North Face 1996 retro jacket is the best friend of anyone who requires extra warmth. The biggest reason why this jacket is so unbelievably warm is that it is made out of certified goose down, which is an excellent material for heat retention. There are ten different colors available, so you can easily match it with any of your other ski clothing. And if you’re a bit on the bigger size, you’ll be happy to know that the sizes for this jacket range from extra small to extra extra extra large. But that’s not all that this jacket has for you. Manufacturer North Face is sure that their jacket will last a lifetime that this jacket has a complete lifetime warranty. If it rips or is completely mangled, you can have it repaired or replaced by North Face itself.

Patagonia Nano Puff® Jacket

Being puffy has ever looked so good. From the makers of Patagonia, one of the best and most loved winter sports brands in the world, the Patagonia Nano puff jacket is here to provide the wearer with a luxury jacket that will make them feel like they are wearing a little cloud. One of my favorite things about this jacket is that it is made out of 100% recycled material, proving that saving the environment can make you look good. It has a drawstring around the bottom of the jacket so you can pull it tighter if you need more insulation from the cold. The sleeve is cinched, so they won’t allow any win India jacket from the sleeve opening. When you are done with a jacket, they can be wrapped up and store it in a little carrying pouch that it comes in. The Patagonia Nano puff jacket comes in 11 amazing and vibrant colors, and it runs in sizes extra small to extra extra large. 

How To Care For Ski Jackets?

Before you throw your jacket into the wash with the rest of your clothes, you may want to stop and check out the tag. The tag inside the jacket is usually around the neck, where most other clothing tags are. If you examine the tag, you may see cleaning instructions for that jacket and it’s liner if it has one. If there are instructions, then follow them closely and do not wash your jacket however you want. The manufacturer’s instructions have been tested repeatedly to ensure that the color on the jacket lasts for a long while, and the fabric does not shrink. 

If your ski jacket does not come with instructions, keep reading as I will show you a simple way to wash your jacket in the washing machine without ruining the fabric. Before putting a jacket in the washer, the first thing you should do is to unzip the liner and check every single pocket for any leftover items. 

Then place the jacket and liner into the washing machine and set the water temperature on cool or cold. Do not set them on warm or hot as this will damage the fabric and possibly shrink it. Then take a capful of regular unscented detergent and add it to the washing tray. Close the lid and set the cycle to gentle. When it is done washing, take it out, hang it over a line and wait for it to dry. Do not dry your jacket with liner. If your jacket is made of fabric, then you can place it in the dryer, but it must be set to tumble dry or low heat. And for the love of God, do not wash or dry your jacket with a load of towels. Trust me, just don’t.


The day you find the perfect men’s ski jacket that is right for you, your entire life will change. Okay, maybe not, but you will feel more comfortable, and you’ll be better protected than ever before. Remember, choosing the best ski jacket may not be a one trip Endeavor. You will need to go to multiple stores or even shop online to find a jacket that fits all of your needs. But when you find your perfect jacket, at least you know how to take care of your jacket so it can last as long as possible. 

Before you scurry off to another part of the internet, I have a tip of what to share with you. When you are on a big ski trip, and you are far away from home, and away from your washing machine, you can still wash your ski jacket. Actually, all you have to do is wash the liner. Because it is the liner that absorbs most of your body sweat, the liner is the part of the jacket that you must wash the most. Unzip the liner from your jacket and take it to the bathroom. Then, grab one of the little hotel soaps and lather it up in your hands. Now, place the liner in the sink and soak it in cool water. Then take the soap and rub it against the armpits and down the back of the liner. Massage these areas gently to get all of the sweat and bacteria out of the fabric. Drain out the water and then rinse your liner. Take the liner out of the sink and drape it over the shower door or curtain. It will dry during the night and be ready for you in the morning.


Harry Sowers

Harry grew up outside of Denver Colorado and has been skiing and snowboarding since he was 3. He is most passionate about skiing and when he was in college at UC Boulder he even participated in the olympic trials for the USA Olympic Downhill Ski team.